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I have had several posts lately about how all the bees and other insects are out in droves stocking up and savoring pollen and nectar before the winter. Caught this cute little butterfly doing just that while I was watering flowers on Saturday. She is actually only about a half the size of the ph...
And boy did he prove his worth by setting a new school record against Texas Tech.   Ryan Tannehill passed for 449 yards and 4 touchdowns on Saturday afternoon. Many fans have been grumbling for weeks now why the coach has kept this great athlete sidelined...but finally Mike Sherman released him o...
Riding a can go for years and then jump right on one. The longer I go between a game of pool the better I play. These are just a few of the skills we pick up on along life's journey. Recently my wife decided it was time to finish out some attic space . We have a ton of it in our 2 s...
Our summer flowers kind of drag on for most of the summer and then it seems like they just go crazy and all bloom at once. The bees, butterflies, and a whole host of other nectar lovers also go crazy at the last moment.  Here is a small collage of some of what we experienced this season. It is al...
Looking For a Great Value? This neat 4 Bedroom has new Hardee Siding and Exterior paint. Only minutes to Texas & M University, Blinn College,  Sam Houston Elementary School, and Allen Academy private school. This is the ideal home for first time buyers or investors.  The recent price reduction ha...
I am a pretty conservative voter. Haven't always been that way ....but sometime back in the 80's this very common sense and insightful leader guy came along with the initials R.R. and he got me to thinking about government and the politics of the day...... very  differently .  Then a couple of ye...
One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday Morning after feeding our menagerie of feline, and canine friends is to take a stroll around our yard and just see what is going on with mother nature . Right now the bumble bees are out in force gobbling up the last of the pollen and nectar before wi...
The Texas Aggies beat the Kansas Jayhawks 45-10 tonight.. Thankyou!  Jerrod Johnson, QB for the team broke the school record for total offense for a career . The coach finally  turned  great backup QB , Tannehill loose and he threw the pigskin for an amazing three touchdowns , All I can say is ma...
As we approach the elections I am beginning to break a promise to myself to pretty much sit back  and keep my opinions to myself on politics. However as I have watched and even felt the effects of the economic downturn in the USA...I saif I just cannot shut up anyt longer...too much at stake.  We...
Want to maximize your investment in College Station Texas? Consider this ..There is absolutely nothing the best mechanic in the world can do to an engine to increase horsepower that compares to increased cubic inches. No matter how he tweaks the engine or how well the parts work together. ......c...

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