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The fith Annual Duck Jam took place this past weekend in College Station at the Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater.  Duck Jam is a great and fun event that raises funds for the benefit of Ducks Unlimited'sWetlands Conservation Program. Lots of activities and lots of music for two days with the highlight...
Recently while listening to an agent complain about how things had not gone their way and how so many others seemed to be responsible, I was compelled to remind him that he had been the worst atendee at our weekly  sales meetings and had missed the majority of our new agent trainings and that per...
We all experience it at one time or another in our career. Either someone related to, or the friend of,  one of your clients gets involved in your marketing or transaction. I don't know which is worse ...... the X-agent relative ......or the x-agent friend. Take your pick! So here's the dialogue ...
I actualy took the day off today and stayed at home and worked in the garden all day. Later in the afternoon my wife called across the yard and said " You just gotta come look at this!" She found this amazing moth in one of our flowerbeds. We have seen a lot of wonderful wildlife here, but never ...
If you are looking for a great way to spend a few hours with your family on Saturdays or a terrific short nature camp your kids can attend this summer ...then be sure and visit our wonderful local natural history museum.  They have the Discovery Room for kids and offer some unbelievable exhibits ...

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