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~ Singing in the Rain ~ As I write this post, I am exactly 100 points behind the leader for Aurora, Colorado and Arapahoe County.  When I signed up in October of 2009, I had no idea what I was getting into.  I wrote my first post in November.  By the end of 2009, I had written 5 posts and still w...
~ Surviving My Serengeti Challenge - I Like to Stick My Neck Out For Others ~ First I need to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first 2 chapters of Stefan Swanepoel's book entitled Surviving Your Serengeti, 7 Skills to Master Business and Life.  I know I will be purchasing the book.  It h...
~ Kodak Paper-less Challenge ~ Wouldn't this be a novel thing for our industry to be able to save paper?  And save tons of trees along the way?  This will not happen over night by any means.  It will be a process, putting steps in place.  Making changes to the way I have done business for the las...
~ Pay It Forward ~ We have several new agents in our office at any given time.  What I like about having new agents around is they bring their enthusiasm into the office.  Most are so willing to learn and jump right in.  Sometimes the experienced agents can get 'tarnished' on this type of a marke...
~ Aurora, Colorado Free Heart Health Screenings ~ February is National Heart Health Month and the Medical Center of Aurora is offering free heart health screenings in different locations throughout the city of Aurora.  The following is a list of the remainder of the free screenings for the month ...
~ Colorado Real Estate Contract Contingencies ~ There are several contingencies in the Colorado real estate contract.  These contingencies allow for you, the buyer, to get released from the contract and your earnest money returned to you as long as you are within the deadline dates for each of th...
~ I'm Not Sure If You Remember Me... ~ Yesterday I received a call that started out with, "I'm not sure if you remember me....".  My response? "Hi, Diane.  How have you been?  Are the kids both doing well?"  I was in my car when I received the call.  And I added, "I am driving right past your sub...
~ Centennial, Colorado Discounted Services for Local Businesses ~ I have some good news for you.  For those of you that live in or around Centennial, Colorado, several of the local business are offering discounted or free services.   Are you looking for a Valentine's Day gift or just trying to sa...
~ Pay It Forward - In Little Packages ~ As many of you know, I am very close with my neighbors and I tried to pay it forward in a little package.  My neighbor has a little 1 year old.  I told her if she ever needed me to watch her little one, to make her appointments on a Thursday, that way I wou...
~ Thoughts on American Idol ~ This year there are two new judges.  I wasn't sure how I was going to like them or even if they would have good chemistry.  The judges this year are Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.  They not only have great chemistry together, but they are quite humor...

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