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 ~ Pay It Forward - Association Director ~ Every year the Aurora Association of Realtors inducts a new president and we have an inaugural dinner and ceremony for the new president and board of directors.  The term for the president is one year and for the board of directors is three years.  The b...
~ Fair Condition ~ Recently I had a transaction go south due to the words of an appraiser on the appraisal report.  The home was a bank owned property.  My buyer was getting conventional financing through his credit union.  The home was a typical foreclosed home or one in the condition that you w...
~ Bad to the Bone ~ A picture is worth a thousands words, they say.  I have to agree.  I'm not sure who made this famous, but I have to agree.   As you can see, I didn't have to say a word.  the photos said it all.  Kobi loved his steak bone.  It was the perfect treat for the end of a beautiful d...
~ Looking For a Paperclip ~ How often do we find paperclips lying around everywhere; in our car seats, on the car floor mats, all over our house, at the bottom of our purses, in pockets of clothing, everywhere.  Right?  I am always picking them up.  If I only had a nickle for every one I picked u...
~ I Think It May Have Been a Meth House ~ I worked with some new buyers today.  It was my first time out with them.  They are of the younger generation and very tech savvy.  I had sent them 3 lists of homes that met their criteria.  They reviewed the homes I sent them and decided on 7 houses they...
~ Pay It Forward - HUD Help ~ I am well versed in the HUD process.  And my broker knows this.  So any time one of our 200 agents from our office has a question on HUDs, they get referred to me.  This week I had two agents ask for my help.  For one of the agents, I spent about an hour and a half g...
~ A Light Side of a Dark Subject ~ A good friend of mine finally made that dreaded appointment.  He knew he should have done it years ago, but like so many folks, he avoided it and turned the other check on the elephant in the room.  He finally decided to face it head on.  He called his doctor an...
~ I Missed the Contest Deadline ~ Niki posted a contest to all of us back in May.  He challenged us to create a photo collage on what ActiveRain meant to us.  I am a novice when it comes to computers.  They scare me a little.  I know I need to be more confident and learn.  Computers weren't aroun...
~ Pay It Forward - I'll Take Your Photo ~ On Friday night Dave and I went to the free concert at Southlands Mall in Aurora, Colorado.  Hazel Miller was the performer.  We truly enjoyed the concert.  We ordered a pizza to go from Old Chicago's, which is located across from the pavilion where the c...
I just got through reading Thom's post on the Top 5 Regrets People Have on Their Deathbed.  What a thought provoking post.  I know that in our industry, it is difficult to get away from the work and try to enjoy life, especially in this kind of a market.  But I don't want to have my life knowing...

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