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I saw the truck and had to turn around and go back for a picture. It had a for sale sign on it so surely the owner wouldn't mind if I snapped a picture. My ulterior motive? It would match my shoes!!  You don't believe it? Have a look. Wouldn't they go well together? I may need some orange socks t...
  Remember? When grass just grew and no lawn mowers were used? Actually, you have to go WAY back to remember but I admit that I do remember.   These are such wonderful old pictures that I picked up at a Searcy Arkansas flea market.  It is sad to think that the family just got rid of all the memor...
Jim Bohannon sent me this interesting info with this note. Barbara, Enclosed is a copy of the 1895 Searcy & West Point Railroad schedule to Kensett. The schedule is from my 1896 copy of the Rand McNally USA railroad schedules & time tables. It appears there is a 2:30 AM early bird special leaving...
Sleuths came through and guessed the last picture.  Here's another and I think it is absolutely perfect for a Christmas memory. The picture is so worn.  And it is probably worn from being in a billfold.  There is a fireplace for Santa. The kids appear to have on robes with one reading from a good...
Borrowed photograph from a facebook friend with permission. I just love this photo. I can tell you who they are and will but I think it would be fun to see if any Sleuths know who they are. The old car is great.  The happy smiles of the boy and girl are great. And look at the thick wavy hair on t...
You know how kids are?  They hold it against you because you never owned a two-story house so they could slide down the banisters like they do in the movies?  I had one like that.  Now she's grown-up and in fact, is helping me with my real estate business.  BUT This house came on the market and s...
The Hoggard Team in Searcy Arkansas does so much business! They are the top team producers in our area. And they are nice! You could say they "ROCK." Just observe. That's Phil on the left, Joel in the center and Judy on the right.  They are at our weekly sales meeting and rush to grab the seats b...
I finally have someone who can help me with my blogging!  Meet my daughter, Valerie Canepa, who has started with this first blog.  She has a journalism background and can write wrings around me. (See if she notices that I spelled something wrong.)  (Actually I spelled nothing wrong.) She has join...
Believe it or not, today I received a call from a business associate and he called to give me a blog topic. I asked what it was and he said __________________ was being torn down as we spoke. Now I could fill in that blank but that would not make the minds of the Sleuths work.  I hustled over and...
I received a check for 3 cents from an ebay settlement! The are pretty demanding, however, and say that I have to cash it before 12/22/2011 or it will be no good.  It's Christmas time, for Pete's sake, and I'm a busy person.  I may not get to the bank by then and I'll bet no one will accept this...

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