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Possum Grape is about 10 miles past Bradford Arkansas.  Bradford is a town of about 800 people so Possum Grape folks probably travel to Bradford for quick items since Possum Grape folks have no store.  Bradford is about 10 miles from Bald Knob, a town of about 4000 people.   Bald Knob people may...
Two popular blogs that I have put up concern the first library in Searcy Arkansas, reportedly built in 1927 for a price of $33,000. That money was also reportedly raised by the Phoenix Club of Searcy.    The Phoenix Club must have been an early women's civic club or social club or some club that ...
There I wuz....just drivin' along by the park... My passenger set up a high squeal!  "Mother, there are medieval fighters right out there in that park!" Naturally we turn around to have a closer look.  We park the car and go up to these fighters and ask for permission to take their pictures. (We ...
What did folks do when they had free time many, many years ago? What was a yard like when there were no tools to manicure it? What was popular when there was no TV?  No computers?  Not very many motorized vehicles? Here are three pictures that show what some folks did to have fun.  The pictures a...
Searcy used to have a store on every corner, so my sleuths tell me.  They told me that Mr. Yarnell of the Yarnell's Ice cream fame used to buy his groceries from the stores that sold his ice cream and rotated his business from store to store.  Here's a market that I remember.  I even went in it a...
I had a real estate client who said his late wife liked "bling." Say whut?  She liked bling?  The word is not in my 1953 Webster's Dictionary. So I went to -noun 1. expensive and flashy jewelry clothing, or other possessions. 2. the flaunting of such possessions or the flashy life...
Yarnell's closing in Searcy Arkansas has made so many people go back and remember things about their lives growing up in Searcy.  Several worked at Yarnell's.  Here's a note I got from Jim Bohannon.  He gave his permission for me to pass the memories on.   July 7, 2011 Barbara, Enclosed is the 19...
Don't you just love it when you're driving along and see something interesting? Kinda unbelievable so that you have to stop and look? And take a picture? I did. This old house must have a history and the history must have some people with class because this house appears to have been a real beaut...
This is a perfect picture of the gatherings from a garden in Arkansas.  Minus the three tomatoes at the top left, of course, who claim to be Arkansas tomatoes.  They are imposters, pure and innocent, but the ones that we first buy when tomato season is supposed to be starting and those stands st...
With guilt feelings I drove down a road that says, "No through traffic.  Private property," but I suspected that since Yarnell's Ice Cream in Searcy Arkansas had shut down they'd have no one to arrest me for driving down the closed off street in Searcy AR. I snapped pictures.  They keep saying th...

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