South Central Evanston (Evanston, IL)
By Susan Ani
(Baird & Warner)
It It all started so simply.  I had sent out a "just listed" postcard on a rental property last summer.  One of those cards went to a neighboring home close to the new listing.  The resident of that home passed along the postcard to a coworker who was searching for a rental.  That seeker called me to see the property, I showed it to her and her spouse.  It was not a fit for them, but I offered to help them find a place they could call their next home.  We worked hard together, and they landed in a condo rental that thrilled them.  That one modest rental client has now recommended me to three coworkers in only a handful of months' time; two are rental seekers, and the third will be a condo for-sale listing.  Each of this second wave of clients has recounted the enthusiasm that the first ...
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I visited the land trust home that I wrote about today.  The executive director of the organization behind this project was there, as well as a couple of directors from the Board.  The house is in the process of being rehabbed, including a totally new kitchen and bathroom.  The house held some surprises for the group, once they closed the sale and started investigating the structure with their contractor.  Who KNEW there would be water damage behind the walls of that back bedroom window!!  But they are addressing all issues in the house and are transforming it into a safe, warm (adding insulation in all the walls!) abode for some deserving family.  After visiting their project house today and chatting with the executive director and board members, looks like I might be getting involved ...
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