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There are usually five lug-nuts that hold these things in place.  And it's important when installing these hubcaps, to tighten them from opposite ends.Start with 12:00.... then 5:00...  then switch back to 9:00... you get the idea.You want to make sure these puppies are tight, and won't work them...
I wrote a post last year (link here) about sellers who complaint that their listing agent doesn't keep in touch with them.  It was (and remains) consumer's main issue with Realtors.The story, for those who don't want to follow the link, discusses two sellers who reached out to me, and decided to ...
On the way home from a showing, yesterday, I came to a crossroads.Should I turn left, and just stop at the gas station, fill the car and go home? Or should I turn right and head to the grocery store and refill my almost empty larder?I quickly made the decision to head right to the grocery... sinc...
There are some days... many days that I feel like Sisyphus.For those that don't know, or don't remember, Sisyphus was from Greek mythology.  He was punished by the gods (I don't really remember what for... the gods were pretty random and petty back then)... and his punishment was to push a boulde...
I had an early inspection this morning.While I was standing on the sidewalk, trying to blow warm air onto my hands through a facemask, I saw a tiny Chevrolet Spark trying to parallel park into a Cadillac El Dorado-sized parking space.The driver was aware that the inspector and I were watching.  (...
Back in the day, when we actually used to spend time in our offices, there was an agent in ours who claimed that each and every client belonged to him."That's my client... I met them at the farmer's market... My daughter introduced them to me... we talked at our open house... I've shown them seve...
I just spent the last couple of hours absorbing two different (totally different) town halls.After watching both of those, I need some cleansing, some purging.Maybe you do too?  Enjoy. 
A client of mine recently found herself at the receiving end of a tirade from an agent at an open house.She recently bought a home with me, and decided to attend a local Sunday Open House.  I have trained her well, so she knows that when she attends Open Houses, when she signs in, she puts my nam...
Points.  Points have always been a topic of discussion, here in the rain.  And the topic has reared its ugly head again.There are a handful of discussions going on about "where are my missing points"?Active Rain told us that our missing June posts would 'eventually' return... and they finally did...
This week has been all about chasing people.  Chasing lenders, chasing appraisers, chasing attorneys.Our market is as busy as it's been for quite a while.  Well-priced properties are flying off the shelf, and that's causing a little traffic jam down the road.Getting appraisals done on properties ...

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