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What's the fastest you've ever sold a listing?I've never really considered that question.  After all, it's not about speed, it's the motion of the ocean... uh, wait... well, that's not right.Thursday I received a call from a stranger who'd been referred to me by two former clients. (thank you guy...
In 1956 Frank Lloyd Wright first announced (by holding a press conference) that he intended to build a new tower called The Illinois planned to be 528 stories tall and a mile high. If built it would have been four times as tall as what was then the world's tallest building "The Empire State Build...
I know that it's Father's Day, but instead of another Father's Day post, I thought I'd post a poem that resonates strongly with me about our Fathers.  Not if, but when.  Let me know it if touches your heart, like it touched mine, particularly on this day. ________________________________________...
A recent post asked: "What's the craziest thing you've seen...?"... and I gave an instance where I caught a young athletic couple in flagrante delicto.  It was only one of three times that I interrupted people in the middle of the act, but it was the first, and most memorable time of my career.  ...
I learned a new word over the last several days.  It's not in English and it pretty well sums up the state of politics in the U.S. over the last couple of decades... no not merely this last election cycle.VERGOGNAIt's the Italian word for Shame.  It arose during the latest scandal associated wit...
The "Home Alone" house has hit the market, again, and this time for $5,250,000.The last time this home was available was March of 2012 when it sold for $1,950,000.The movie Home Alone was released in 1990 and this Winnetka, IL home, located on the north shore of Chicago was prominently featured ...
Not snap, crackle and pop, but more like crunch, crunch and crunch.That's what it sounds like when walking around on the empty shells of the fresh brood of cicadas that have arrived in our area.That's right, they're heeeere!The droves of cicadas have begun in our areas.  And it's only just begun....
7 Fresh Reasons why your property won't sell1. YOUR PROPERTY WON'T SELL because your photos are hideous. Today if you don't have good photographs, you might as well be off the market.  Yeah, yeah, I know, there are those of us who are saying: "but Alan, inventory is so low, I could put the house ...
In my years in real estate I have learned one immutable truth:Quality agents tend to attract quality clients.  And the converse applies as well.  Snarky, nasty agents tend to attract similar clients.You know when you have multiple offers, and among those offers are Agent A, an agent you have know...
Way back in the day, my sister-in-law, Judy, was visiting us from the L.A. area.  As usual, I was the dutiful brother-in-law and I picked her up at O'Hare airport, and brought her directly to our home on the north side of Chicago.It was a beautiful spring afternoon, the sun was shining, there wer...

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