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Although the below information is still true it is not something I invest much time in but if need be I am still willing and able to help others with Note problems as discussed below. I now however am more involved in IT and I'm currently looking for an internship/ entry level job to gain some real experience to go with all the education I have.

My name is Wyndle Collinsworth II and I have recently opened up a business as a note specialist. My business benefits other professionals by helping their clients and in turn building trust between that professional and their client. I am willing to work with anyone who may need my services for any reason. The Real Estate field is full of different areas of interest which is what makes Real Estate so fun because you are always working with other people. What my business does is basically provide professionals who have clients with promissory notes they don't want a chance to sell them to interested security investors so they can get on with their lives without the hassle of keeping up with payments and having money to afford their other interests. I offer free quotes from real buyers for those who are thinking about it but not sure they will get what they want out of it as well as a free newsletter that keeps professionals up to date on how their business can benefit from mine and how to use some of the strategies I use to benefit themselves. I am extremely interested in making as many contacts as possible and that being said if anyone is interested in what I have to offer for themselves or a business they know of I also have a printed newsletter I would be more than happy to send out to you. I would just need to know where to send it. I do work other jobs so I am not always able to pick up when you call but if you leave a message I can usually get back to you the very next day at the latest.  


I am familiar with many IT areas which you will are welcome to look at my portfolio here: https://kaplanu.optimalresume.com/previewDoc.php?tkn=bf2ea19b12c4ac9586795be552037dce-p34801. Also I have futher information at Linkedin at: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=71417230&trk=tab_pro. Any lead would be appreciated and I have no problem talking about my experience/education level openly.

For the note business here is an explanation of what I do:

 I understand the benefits it offers to both sellers and buyers and how using this can usually further along the sale of any property which makes everyone involved get paid that much faster. I am currently not licensed. As of now my job would be extremely valuable to people who invest into buying properties to fix them up and resale them for profit. Using seller financing allows a downpayment to be made to the seller  plus a legal contract or note is made for the remaining balance. Since the downpayment is all thats needed at first more buyers for the actual property will show up because more people can afford it. Once the note is made and payments are being made thats where I come into play. You have already made a profit as an investor by buying low and selling high plus with my help instead of getting the small payments for whatever term that was agreed upon you give me the details of the note I fix it up run some numbers to make sure it all makes sense and present it to real buyers of security instruments. They bid on it the highest bidder gets it you get your money up front to invest or do what you want with, I get paid for bringing the buyer business and the buyer gets what he wants. This is extremely useful for those of you who are constantly creating promissory notes because I offer you the money you need up front plus you still get the house sold faster with the profit you originally intended on getting. I am still trying to make contacts of people who are interested in what I do but I do have a contact in Denton, TX who works for a title company and volunteers at the local Chamber of Commerce. I am a team player and I enjoy knowing I can offer a service that actually helps everyone involved with the sale of a property.


25 years old, Masters in Network Security and Data Assurance, Bachelors in Technical Management, Associates in Business Administration