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The Stage Coach provides Coaching for Home Owners and REALTORS in the Austin Metro Area who need help preparing their home or listing for sale. When it comes time for a family to sell their largest asset, it only makes sense to get the most out of the sale of the home. Our Home Staging approach will help prepare the home to compete with the other homes available in the local Real Estate Market by:

Removing concerns Addressing Cleanliness & Clutter Increasing Appeal

For The Stage Coach, Home Staging is more about Preparation than it is about Decoration - that's why we do not offer "Lipstick on a Pig" types of services. First and foremost, a home must be in good repair and, barring any major incidents, all home repairs should be completed. Next, comes the cleaning and decluttering - you want buyers to see the home, not your stuff! After these are accomplished, we can then dress the home up to increase the appeal.

Don't be fooled by the shows on cable television! Using "behind the scenes" crews, teams of professional contractors, and phony budget numbers, these programs paint the wrong picture when it comes to preparing your home for sale. Many break common rules of Home Staging, including the use of non-neutral color schemes.

At The Stage Coach. we have the resources and means needed to convert existing homes into a house that is desirable and marketable to a greater number of buyers. Many times, homeowners are not capable of separating their Home (think: stuff) from their House (think: property). We aim to shift the focus from the owners' "stuff" to the "property" and permit the architectural features of the house to be more noticeable than the contents. And by taking what homeowners have, mixing in some of what we have, and adding a little sweat equity, the result you see is a finished product: a more marketable home. This is what Home Staging is all about.

In the 2009 Austin Real Estate Market, Home Staging is more important than ever! More inventory, fewer buyers, and tighter credit means competition for Home Sellers. More and more home searches are beginning on the internet. If you use online tools to check your competition before you list, you can see how your home will stand up to your competitors. Then ask yourself, are you ready to compete? If not, call in a professional Home Stager right away! There is no time to 'List and see what happens..." You may never have more traffic at your house than the first two weeks your home is listed. It should be Staged and in Show Condition before the interior pictures are taken.

Try to imagine a visit to your home from the other side: finding a new home can be tiresome and stressful, so when a potential buyer walks through your front door, it is vital they feel comfortable in the surroundings and not feel like they just walked into a stranger's home. Most home purchasing decisions are emotional, so our goal is to have each Staged Home immediately draw emotions out of prospects. You have no idea if your home is the first the buyers have seen, or the thirteenth, so it is imperative that showing the house grabs them and makes them feel at home. That's where we come in!

The Stage Coach provides Home Staging Services for Homeowners, Realtors, and Builders in the Austin area for Vacant and Occupied homes. Whether your issue is with color or clutter, too much empty space or cramped quarters, having your home Staged by an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP™) can help give your home that extra edge, inside and out, needed in the Austin/Round Rock Metro Area Real Estate market.

Our Home Staging Philosophy is based our belief that there are two primary factors that affect the sale of every home: Price & Condition. This is simple economics: any REALTOR could find a price so low that your house will sell tomorrow. But would you be willing to accept this price? We feel that homes that are in Good Repair, Clean & Clutter Free, then Professionally Staged to maximize appeal, and, finally, Priced according to market conditions will spend less time on market than the competition. The less time the home is on the market:

The less stressful selling the house will be on your family. The more likely you will receive list price. The less likely a price drop will be recommended. The sooner you can move on and stop arranging showings. As no two homes are the ever the same, The Stage Coach offers customized Home Staging packages designed to fit the needs of the client or house.

As no two homes are the ever the same, The Stage Coach offers customized Home Staging packages designed to fit the needs of the client or house. For more information on Austin Home Staging Services offered by The Stage Coach, Contact us, or see our Services page.


At the Stage Coach, we have the resources and means needed to help you convert your home into a house that is desirable and marketable to a greater number of buyers.  Our approach is to first provide  owners with prioritized tasks and direction and secondly, to offer as much help as needed.  We would describe our service offering as "Top to Bottom Home Staging Services."  Ranging from conquering clutter and small home repairs to providing furniture and/or accents for vacant homes.  And every thing in between!

We have helped owners clean, declutter, move belongings to storage, make trips to Goodwill, paint, replace fixtures, and so on.  If you do not see a particular service listed that you are interested in, please feel free to Contact us, and we will do what we can to help you.

Our entry level service is the Basic Stage Coaching. This service begins with The Stage Coach coming out to the home and going room to room with the owners and/or REALTOR discussing each room and what attention is required. Discussion covers a broad range of Home Staging information, so reports are encouraged, but optional.

The Advanced Stage Coaching begins with a short visit from The Stage Coach where pictures and notes are taken and then used to create a written report detailing, room by room, the suggestions for preparing the home for sale. Think of it as a visual to-do list using pictures of the home from the perspective of the photos home buyers will see online.

Our Featured Services are the unique services provided by The Stage Coach. These are services that have been performed for owners or REALTORs on a particular property or simply ideas for services that are being test marketed.

Lastly, we offer Vacant Home Staging Services. In many cases, some homes are sitting vacant waiting for the right buyer. Whether a Builder has constructed a house on speculation, a contract falls through, or your rental property has come available, Vacant homes can sit empty for months. As most home buying decisions are emotional, empty properties do little to move the emotions of buyers. That is where The Stage Coach comes in...

At The Stage Coach, we strive to forge relationships with REALTORs and become an fixture to your Team. We can work with you to customize services to be included as part of your marketing package, or work directly with your sellers in preparing their home. Our services can be tailored to the property's needs or the owners' budget. Take a look at the Featured Services Page, and if you don't find what you are looking for, Contact us!


The Stage Coach provides Coaching for Home Owners and REALTORS in the Austin Metro Area who need help preparing their home or listing for sale. Austin's Home Staging HandyMan!