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The trouble with me I like to specialize in everything.  From the Luxury Home Market to First Time Home Buyers. I love a complex life and real estate affords this life style for me.  I have found out a very simple truth , what ever your specialty is in Real Estate, you actually must specialize in people.  I get a kick out of people in general and it gives me alot of happiness helping them find their own personal castle, no matter what the size and condition of the castle.  When I'm a part of a transaction where a little lady finally after 20 years of marriage and four children  is getting her dream of home ownership, the look in her eyes is undescribable.  Yes, Real Estate, gives me alot of satisfaction.

After relocating to Florida from McLean , Virginia several years ago I originally thought, "Florida? Why Florida? Even though I did grow up here. I thought I hated hot weather". But I have found I live in Paradise.  Ormond Beach is my little piece of heaven and I'd like to make it yours or any of the other zip codes in the area, you have a fancy for. 

Joy Mitchell designed the above French Court Yard Home for a Spec. Builder in Bloomfield Hills , Michigan. It was Selected by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to be their Detroit Symphony Decorator Show House.  The Year, 1993. Then the President of Ford purchased it for his own personal residence.  Architecture is my Big Area of Expertise.  It is also my passion.

I found my little castle in an area called Rio Vista (River View in the English).  Being a classical designer of luxury homes I was drawn to this area in particular.  "The Restoration Area."  Some wild and crazy architect had a dream in the 1920's.  He began designing and building California Styled Classic Spanish Homes.  The 1920's was one of my favorite periods in American Architecture.  There was lots of money before the 1929 crash. Lots of skilled classical trained craftsmen and architects who knew how to draw without a software program. I call it Real Architecture not this cadd cookie cutter look they are pawning off on people today with no architectural vocabulary.  Here and there you see the Architect Hardesty's Legacy, Beautiful Real Spanish Homes. Diamonds in the rough waiting for that special owner who has the patience and vision to give them the make over they deserve.  My sweet heart Tom was complaining one rainy evening driving in the neighborhood . Why are these streets so narrow after we hardly had enough road to share with an oncoming car.  Don't you know I said?  This road was built when people drove Model T Fords.  Now here I am driving down Rio Vista Streets in my Ford Escape. Amazing isn't it.  Our cars just get a little more modern.


 I became a Realty Pro and Associate Agent on March 1, 2010 because I like to be surrounded by "The Best" in any profession I am involved in!  There is an energy in the air the minute you enter the front lobby of the office!  People are working and in this Real Estate Market that is a very positive and energizing atmosphere!  Property is being sold!  After working full time in Real Estate for the past 5 years for an office that was a privately owned national franchise , my thinking has evolved to the fact that Local Companies are more in touch with the needs of the local market. 

The more I live the more I believe the internet is one of the most fantastic inventions of mankind!  It has provided an avenue for independants like Realty Pros & Associates to be a Global Company that specializes in a specific area like my wonderful hometown, Ormond Beach , Florida which is directly north of the Most famous beach in the world!!!!


Joy Mitchell, Home Designer & Realty Pros & Associates Real Estate Agent wants to help you achieve your dreams of a Florida Lifestyle. I adore my home in Ormond Beach. I live in Paradise. You can too!