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Mitchell Captain
Home inspections in Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach
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Get to Know Mitchell Captain

Who am I? Well I'm a 50 something guy trying to help people in an industry that's definitely suspect. The best advice I can give anyone about buying a house is don't fall in love so much that the faults of the home are overlooked or taken to lightly. Just like in life you have to pay if you are in love. It is hard emotionally being a home inspector  you bust some dreams on both sides of the transaction.I try to evaluate all mechanical  systems within the home. And if I can't evaluate because of current conditions I will address that with you. I will discuss with you any concerns that you may have. I will answer any questions you may have about anything related to the home. And if I do not know the answer, I make every attempt to research and find the answer. A report will be constructed, providing you an overview of the property and reports on the areas of concerns. The report also includes suggested courses of actions relating to these areas of concerns.


I inspect homes one at a time with no presumptions. Homes are unique just as the people who buy them. I will take whatever time is needed to explain to you what you are buying before you move in. In order to inspect all these components properly, sufficient time needs to be allocated. This inspector will spend, as much time as needed to inspect your prospective property. (An average inspection takes between two and half to three and a half hours for a 2,000 square foot home.)



During  most inspections I always get comments about grand fathering, if it lasted this long and it is functional. So it's ok.

It's all pure doggy poops. I'm concerned with your well being and just because it meets the criteria above don’t mean it’s safe or advisable. I wish I could tell you why things happen the way they do I just know that if you drive a car with four bald tires at some point in time one or more is going to pop. Maybe other people want to gamble with your investment, I don't.

Many houses in our part of the world have what is commonly called unpermited additions. The reason why is the lack of code enforcement and it be cheaper to build. (Because it doesn't have to meet code.) Do a permit search on every home prior to purchase and if the permit is not in the records it is unpermited and you may be liable to make it permitable or tear it down. Mold!!! Mold lives because it has a source of water. A leak in the roof a plumbing leak or a dryer venting into the house can cause mold. Fix the roof leak, fix that plumbing leak and vent that dryer to the outside and the mold doesn't grow. PLEASE don't get caught in a mold scam hire an industrial hygienist.
One of the biggest con jobs going around my profession is certification of the home inspector. How does an inspector become certified he writes a check and he becomes certified? I took some courses given by one of the largest trainer of home inspectors. At the end of two days they handed out certifications that I took the courses, no checking as to whom I am or did I attend the courses no checking what so ever; I wrote a check and I was certified.

AllSpec Professional Property Inspections Inc., is a Florida State Corporation, licensed and insured to do property inspections.  Mitchell Captain, the owner and incorporator, belongs or has belonged to the American Society of Home Inspectors, (ASHI) GulfStream ASHI (local chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors), SBCCI (Southern Building Code Conference International Inc), Independent home inspectors of North America, (IHINA) past senior inspector of NAPI (National Association of Property Inspectors). As well as the past editor and publisher of the Gulfstream Digest, a monthly newsletter to inspectors for inspectors.  I also conducts seminars with financial institutions for first time homebuyers. Many home inspector organizations have become marketing tools for the inspector. Somehow they have lost their direction. Some new home inspector groups will give the inspector the title of certified inspector by passing a on line non proctored simple test. So be careful when choosing someone to inspect your prospective property.


A independent professional home inspector servicing Broward, Dade & Palm Beach for over ten years. I take as much time as needed in the inspection,as you deserve the right to know what you are buying