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I may regret this but what the heck I believe that if there is a god then god would be a logical entity. When I am on this earth if I do well then this logical entity will recognize me for what I did. If there is no god so be it; I have done good because it is what I enjoy doing. I can look back ...
 While at yesterdays inspection I opened the electrical panel in the house. I noticed that one of the neutral wires had melted insulation. According to most SOP I’d report the observation and course of action and I am done. Since I corporately or personally have no SOP I decided to touch the wire...

Just added some new animation and decided to share. Have fun.     AllSpec Professional Property Inspections Inc is a home inspection company doing home inspection in Miami Dade county, Broward county, and Palm Beach county. I am a certified inspector by the highest and best in the profession my g...
  Here today gone tomorrow- It seems like posts are disappearing on a daily bases here at ask the inspector. I rarely like censorship and what it leads to. We are all adults on AR and we all (except for a very few) have the ability to read or not read a thread in a forum. Let us decide what we wa...
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  I just got off the phone with a listing agent on a property that I inspected this week.  Bottom line she was  trying to obfuscate the areas of concerns that I found.  She doesn’t like the idea that I was too general. The problem which I tried to explain to her, but she hung up on me was that if...
  Many inspectors have posts on active rain with a list for consumers on how to pick a home inspector. I think it is about time for a real non biased honest list for the consumer. The inspector you choose should not solicit any Real Estate Sales person. Because there can be a conflict as to who t...
 Well it doesn't fit. What in the world should I do? Should I get the proper size breaker or should I give it a haircut? Let's just trim a little off and it'll fit.    There you go, perfect fit Vidal Sassoon could not have done it better.      AllSpec Professional Property Inspections Inc is a ho...
I'm a 60's child and when I see this my stomach turns and my head moves to the right and left over and over again. What the heck is wrong with us.,0,772945.column   AllSpec Professional Property Inspections Inc is a home inspe...
  It was the buyers REA asking for the inspection report. I said no problem and then ask if she got my clients (hers too) permission to receive a copy. She said yes. I told her I would forward it to her the next day.As I lie in bed I'm thinking why didn't the REA just ask our client to forward it...

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