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  When Osama Bin Laden announced on Friday that he was essentially swapping Al Qaeda for Al Gore with his latest rant being on Global Warming (despite the pure evil of this man, it is hard not to find that funny!), it would seem that the world (and specifically the US Government) is willing to co...
  The thing about writing blogs (at least for me) is that you don't always know where they are going to take you. I will get to why I won't be watching the State of the Union tonight in a moment, but I knew I wanted a picture of our glorious leader and so I went to to get one. I f...
I came across something today that was released just before Thanksgiving. It is of Lt. Col. Oliver North giving a speech to the NRA. It is perhaps one of the most moving tributes to our brave men and women in harms' way that I have ever seen. I am grateful to one of my listeners on 540 WFLA who -...
I rarely post YouTubes without comment, but I was reminded of this today and as we watch the Dems both turn on each other and on the very fact of some health care bill, it seemed really appropriate to bring this back to the table. So sit back; relax; open a small bag of popcorn and enjoy this fo...
  Today the United States Marines ended its role in Iraq. This marks the end of this particular mission which included years of exemplary service to our nation; to the people of Iraq who did not know what "freedom" meant until they met the Marines and of course, to us.   The Marines handed over ...
  Yes folks. The Elite simply don't think you are smart enough to understand. It is actually funny when you realize just how upside down that is. The lesson they are apparently taking home from what took place in Massachusetts on Tuesday night is not that they are out of touch. It's not that the...
                  It is most certainly true that AR often provides the biggest laugh of the day for me. Such was the case yesterday when I read a blog and comments regarding education in the Great State of Texas. The subject matter is of little relevance here, but what made me laugh so hard was ...
Something very interesting is going on with regards to the President. It would seem that very much like "The Gore Effect" which produces record cold temperatures when the former Vice-President plans to speak at a Global Warming event (you can Google it if you don't believe me), "The Obama Effect...
This is one of the most powerful videos I've seen in a long time. America has been rising and it will really start tonight if the socialists don't find a way to stuff ballot boxes and steal the election from Scott Brown. One poll has him nine points up this morning! If Brown manages to gain Tedd...
Kevin is one of the best. Great blog!If you are one of the average Americans who only read the newspapers, tomorrow is just Tuesday. Another day on the calendar. Get up, go to work, pay bills, drink coffee, etc. But what if you are one of us who some persons like to call baggers? I am a Tea Bagge...

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