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Pretty simple and easy HAFA short sale approval with a Specialized Loan Servicing 1st Mortgage and a Carrington Mortgage Services 2nd mortgage. These clients had done a loan modification while their loans were being serviced by Bank of America. What BOA did for them before they transferred the m...
A short sale with the Veterans Affairs administration is called a compromise sale. Same meaning, just different words. These clients had found me online after striking out with two other agents that were inexperienced with short sales. Having had the property listed for over a year already and n...
The same crap with lost documents and poor communication as I wrote in my last blog about US Bank. Only difference was this time once the file got in front of a negotiator the person sitting behind the desk was competent. I better go play powerball now, because that was like winning the lottery ...
This particular client had contacted me after filing Bankruptcy to short sale his Middletown, CT home. As I've said many times before, bankruptcy usually does not get rid of your house, only the liability for the debt. You still need to sell your property or the bank has to foreclose or accept a...
On every short sale, there is usually some problem that arises that requires a little fixing. This deal had problem after problem after problem. My clients hung in there and didn't give up hope though. Problem #1 - We get a solid full price deal after about 100 days on the market. The lender ( C...
Bank of America has gotten MUCH better in their short sale processing as most all of their short sales are processed through equator. Not their government short sales though. All FHA short sales are processed via fax, and it can be a painstaking process. With a full package submitted, call after...
Fairly straightforward BOA short sale with PMI, and not too much drama. Except that the PMI company went bankrupt, is currently run by the insurance department of the state of Arizona, and is absolutely brutal to deal with. They give a take it or leave it number right away, and will decline your...

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