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....that is the first thing that was uttered out of our mouths as we saw dust, crumbs, dirt and who knows what else fly out of our keyboard! So, my fellow drips...take action!  Avoid the most disgusting thing you have ever seen before it is too late!  Take your compressed gas canister, point it d...
I don't remember when I first met Ash, probably because I was about 5 years old.  At that age, all I can recall are impressions.  I was convinced that he was my "Norm" of Cheers.  He welcomed me, he talked to me and he made me feel like I was the only customer he had. Oh, did I mention that Ash, ...
I am writing this from the perspective of a California Realtor, since I know that this applies in my may not in others, so read your contract. There are essentially 2 different kinds of negotiations that take place during an escrow.  The first is the negotiation of the contract itself....
When you decided it was time to own a home of your own, did it seem completely overwhelming?  According to a 2009 survey, 90% of all buyers started their process by going on the Internet.  On average, you looked at 12 homes over a 3 month period.  Your favorite method was the Internet, with a rea...
You know you are getting old when, from the time you start your errand at one end of the room, to reaching the other side of the room, you have forgotten why you went there. You know you are getting old when you make a phone call and don't know who you called when they answer. You know you are ge...


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