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Last week, I went to the Board Meeting for the Village of Campton Hills (VofCH).  The VofCH declared the dissolution petition containing 2100 signatures -determined to be valid by the Kane County Electoral Board this past December - to be VOID. Patsy Smith briefly feigned concern about providing ...
Fannie Mae recently introduced a refinance program - called Keys to RecoveryTM - that will enable borrowers struggling to keep their homes, help more prospective buyers purchase homes, and contribute to stabilizing communities hit hard by the downturn in the mortgage market. Fannie is modifying t...
In my first year on AR it's bee a blast. I have created many relationships. I have people with whom I grown quite fond of. My favorites being in no particular order: Ginger's Marin County Real Estate Blog She's a Junior Leaguer that's a Major Leaguer in my books.  I communicate with her so little...
OK Katz....here it goes. Here's the gig. Here's 4 songs. First is definitely me to a T, but the other 3 well....they're all me too. First and last are more "real", if you will, but songs 2 and 3 hit the nail on my head as well. Confused? So am I....I try to live under the first and last tunes her...
Now that Campton Hills is slowly falling apart, I think that it's time to share with you the latest incident that happened last week out in the Village.  This is crazy stuff.  As you know, the "Owners" of this village, Patsy Smith, et al. have represented that they are going to run the village wi...
Some notes regarding inflation enclosed. National trucking/transportation companies are now charging a 31% gas surcharge for all deliveries.  ~It costs 31% more to deliver goods than it did last year!   To keep the prices of Oil in perspective: Current costs ~$125/barrel for Oil.  19.5 gallons of...
Sounds like a great set up to something with a client, our markets ,or the economy.  Actually, it really happened to us Saturday night. My wife and I just got home and my 17 year old niece was being relieved of babysitting duties.  I had sat down to look at the weather for the next day.  When I s...
Fannie Mae Changes Policy and Pricing on "Conforming" Jumbos Fannie Mae announced a series of new initiatives called "Keys to Recovery" in its first quarter 08 report. This effort is geared toward basically providing liquidity, stability, and affordability to the housing and mortgage markets for ...
Just got back from the awards presentation for our Company headquarters at Cherry Creek Mortgage.  A few nice things that I experienced.  First, I was able to go to our corporate offices, have drinks with the staff, leaders and heirarchy of Cherry Creek.  Later that night they had the awards dinn...
Although I really know my stuff (ha, ha), I am looking for a tough situation here.  I have a borrower who wants to refinance a jumbo high rise condo downtown in chicago.  Oh yeah, it's a second home and a high rise.  At least it's a full doc loan, but, I'm looking for a 2nd mortgage company.  I h...

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