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   When I moved to Franklin Lakes, in 1972, I thought I had taken a wrong turn and ended up in Podunk! While my hometown, Asbury Park, wasn't a wealthy community by anyone's standards, it at least had movie theaters, restaurants, buses and trains that got you where you wanted to go.  And let's no...
I lost a dear friend, and the world of real estate an incomparable Realtor/Broker when the inimitable Barry Colyer, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Traditions, in Oakland, NJ, passed away last week.  Barry entered the world of real estate in the mid-80's, and it was soon clear that he was a natural. Peopl...
I just read a blog that talked about the condition in which sellers are permitted to leave the home they're selling.  Most of our contracts refer to that condition as "broom clean," but few of us agree on what that actually means.  I suppose that's because each of us has a different reference poi...
I just got a nasty email from an attorney working with the buyer of my listing, in Franklin Lakes NJ.  It seems she thinks Realtors should stay out of "issues they know nothing about. "  --- that would be anything beyond faxing a contract to both attorneys, supplying them with the names and conta...
If I never see another septic system, my life will be improved.  If you want to see a real estate transaction turn into a near-brawl on the lawn of the home your buyers had callled the home of their dreams, make sure you sell them a home with a 50-year old septic system.  The argument will start ...
In these tough economic times, who thought a township could come up with $3.1 mil to purchase land purchased by a developer just 3 years ago.  That developer, Barrister Development, is certainly thrilled since he paid a little over $1 mil for the property.  On top of the $3.1 mil, the township wi...
I was sad to hear that our local golf club has gone the way of most acreage, in Bergen County.  Built in 1966, the club was a rarity --- an 18-hole course with a lovely dining room and pro shop, set in the middle of a lovely residential setting. It was a landmark we all took for granted would be ...
I don't know how things are across the country, but in my neck of the woods we're seeing a surge in rentals. On one hand, I understand there are people who, for a variety of reasons, can't yet afford to buy. but home prices are at historic lows, so on the other hand, it kind of surprises me that ...
For at least the last 6 years, I've watched the luxury home market get clobbered, but not all of it.  Sellers who continued to improve and maintain their homes, and those living in manageable homes did okay. It's the 10,000 sf and over market that continues to take big hits.  I understand that Re...

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