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Welcome to my Blog. My name is Jean-Paul Peron. I'm a REALTOR® with The Outer Banks Real Estate Company. My wife and I built our dream home and moved to Carova, a 10 mile stretch of non comercialized beach with no paved roads and home to the Corolla Wild Horses. Carova is an nincorporated community in Cuttituck County in the extreme northeast corner of North Carolina. Its three main neighborhoods of Swan Beach, North Swan Beach, and Carova Beach can only be accessed by four-wheel drive, boat, or (if you want to splurge) by helicopter since there are no paved roads connecting Carova to neighboring Corolla of Virginia. There is actually a fence at the state line to keep the vehicles from crossing into Virginia. Living this far from civilization and this close to the ocean is a blessing that sometimes comes with a price. I will try my best to be share both sides of the coin. J-P



  AT LAST! DRAMATIC, UNOBSTRUCTED, AFFORDABLE Ocean & Sound Views from ground level on one of the lowest priced & highest elevated homesites overlooking Kitty Hawk. Upscale, secure, family oriented BD&A gated community providing a neighborhood pier, jogging trail, soundside bike path.Beach parki...
  ♦  4 Bedrooms                                                             ♦    Covered Parking   ♦  3 Baths,                                                                    ♦    Dry Entry Backs To Wildlife Refuge Enjoy the seclusion of being nestled in among the Pine & Live Oaks. This home b...
Now here is question that I probably get asked more than any other. A lot of times it's not from strangers either, but people that I know and just seem to keep on checking that I haven't changed my mind on my lifestyle decision. My usual answer is:   "If I could make my money without going onto t...
I get the question asked of me more than any other question by far, both on & off the road. Just driving up the 10 mile stretch of beach and back is no guarantee that you see the Corolla Wild horses. In fact I would give those odds about 20%. The horses are most often grazing, and since there is ...
This is one that I first wondered when I discovered Carova. Do people actually try to raise children in this type of environment? The answer is YES! And, from what I’ve seen, they do a great job. The parents basically have 3 options to them. 1.       They can drive their children down the beach o...
A lot of people think the the Outer Banks, and especially Corolla, becomes a ghost town in the off-season. Although the population may vary depending on the time of year, we are becoming a 10 month resort thanks to the great off season prices, proximity to the northern states (many can make it he...
Outer Banks Bluez & Brewz Festival Great way to spend Labor Day on the Outer Banks.  Brew Thru's Blues and Brews Festival Sunday, September 6th of Labor Day weekend. Gate opens at 5pm, the music starts at 6pm and the event flows until 10pm. Beverly "Guitar" Watkins...
The answer is almost always no. I would say that 90% of the time there is plenty of room to drive on the beach at high tide. There is certainly less room than at low tide. Low tide gives you enough beach for about 10 lanes of traffic where high tide gives you enough beach for about 4 lanes, and t...
  It sems to me that there is an abundance of pictures of the ocean and the shoreline but few of the other side of the beach. Maybe it's because at most beaches when you turn around and put your back to the water, all you see are houses and hotels. Not up my way. Althought there are certainly som...

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