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Welcome to my Blog. My name is Jean-Paul Peron. I'm a REALTOR® with The Outer Banks Real Estate Company. My wife and I built our dream home and moved to Carova, a 10 mile stretch of non comercialized beach with no paved roads and home to the Corolla Wild Horses. Carova is an nincorporated community in Cuttituck County in the extreme northeast corner of North Carolina. Its three main neighborhoods of Swan Beach, North Swan Beach, and Carova Beach can only be accessed by four-wheel drive, boat, or (if you want to splurge) by helicopter since there are no paved roads connecting Carova to neighboring Corolla of Virginia. There is actually a fence at the state line to keep the vehicles from crossing into Virginia. Living this far from civilization and this close to the ocean is a blessing that sometimes comes with a price. I will try my best to be share both sides of the coin. J-P



  More & more people are embracing living green. It's a responsible, forward-thinking outlook that declares, "There's no place like home - so save it." The key to living green is sustainability: living comfortably while minimizing your home's carbon footprint, lowering energy, and minimizing cons...
  Yesterday on my way into town to meet some clients I had the strangest site. First I passed a group of about 6 jeeps all parked and the people doing something that I could quite make out. another 1/4 mile down I passed 3 more Jeeps and people walking aling the dune line with trash bags. another...
AS a REALTOR living and selling homes in a very Eco Friendly location, as well as one currently making the investment to turn his own house more into a "green" home. I wanted to share this interesting post about what I like to call "The Next Wave". (what do you expect, I live on the beach.)This i...
   A while back I did a post about how often I get asked if I have make sure it's not high tide when driving on the beach. You can check it out here. My usual response it  I have never been in a situation where I couldn't get down the beach, although I have probably been in a couple of situation...
The village of Corolla NC on the Currituck Outer Banks has a very mysterious history of accidents and disappearances. Come to the annual Haunted Corolla Village Halloween tour at the Currituck Heritage Park on Friday, October 30Th and learn about Corolla's scary past. For a printable version clic...
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This is a recent question that I had gotten and had to think about for a while. If you enjoy riding jet skies, there are a few places along the sound that allow you to rent them by the hour. There are are none to use on the ocean as the launching of Personal Water Craft (i.e. jet skies) into the...
  There are many television shows that relate to the real estate business. Some shows focus on working with investors such as “Flip This House”, “Flip That House”, & “Property Ladder”. Some shows focus on working with buyers (“Property Virgins” & “House Hunters”), and some focus working with sell...
As the almost mythical Mid-Currituck Bridge comes closer to being a reality, one question that keeps coming up is “How much will the toll be?” I have heard numbers ranging everywhere from $10 to $25. Well, as it turns out, the NCDOT would like to get some input from us before deciding on how muc...

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