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Chuck & Lucy Willman are agents who offer advice about selling or purchasing homes in Utah.



Although I have been concentrating most of my efforts on the Phoenix, Arizona metro area, I have been interacting with more and more agents from around the country who are interested in referring investors to the area. Likewise I've been able to send investment minded individuals to other areas ...
With Gold trading at an all time high or $935 per ounce, I feel it's only appropriate to tell you where to find some.  Mere miles from where I blog, are the Superstition Mountains. Sojourners travel from around the world in search of the "Lost Dutchman's Mine." Heres's a synopsis from wikipedia:...
One block from ASU (walking distance) 3 bedroom/1ba (two bath would be nice but almost no homes in neighborhood have that). Rarely are homes available in this neighborhood. (10 listings in two years). It's in the historic district and is priced at $145K. My guess is that it needs about $15k in fi...
According to the latest wikepedia entry, Infill is "the use of land within a built-up area for further construction, especially as part of a community redevelopment or growth management program or as part of smart growth. It focuses on the the reuse and repositioning of obsolete or underutilized...
Buying a new home?  You have two choices: New Build- a home based on a basic floor plan that is built to your specifications. Inventory Home- a home either under construction or already finished. (a.k.a. "Spec Homes") Why purchase a new build? You pick all the upgrades: Colors (within a builder'...
Every once in a while someone will ask me if I know of any resources that would allow them to learn what they need to know about personal finances. There are many books out there and I try to read at least one industry specific book per month on this topic. I use Audible to listen to  audiobooks...
The countdown to SuperBowl XLII is upon us... at the time of this writing: 6 days and three hours. I know this because the NFL's official site has the countdown- as well as up to date information about the teams involved and the many opportunities to have some good ol' Arizona fun. To check it o...
There was a fence near my childhood home that was too tall to climb. Or so I thought. After seeing my brother and his friend scale the fence with little difficulty I discovered that, with enough determination, I could do so also. And what I saw enthralled me. There were kids playing baseball on a...
Gentry Realty and Buyers Edge have teamed up to bring you a real estate Investment opportunity of a lifetime in Phoenix AZ.  We invite you to take part in this wealth building webinar to show you a new way of growing your real estate portfolio with the best incentives on the market! Reserve your...
A major new home builder is offering discounted prices on homes that are either currently available or will be available soon in Queen Creek. I’ve sorted the list by cost per square foot.  Here they are: Plan Sq Ft Priced From Price/SqFt Bed Bath Garage Avail Sicily 2,925 $180,038 $62 4 2 1/2 2 ...

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