Anita Clark is the queen of infographics and is a must-follow avid blogger here.  Below is one about suggestions to reduce our energy costs that everyone should read.   Please click the link and comment directly on her post. Energy Cost Savings for Homeowners Heating and cooling costs can eat thr...
Lender Won’t Close the FHA Condo Loan We have discussed in a previous article that an FHA condo loan can still close even if the condominium’s FHA approval has expired.  That is provided, however, that the FHA case number was assigned to the loan prior to the expiration of the approval.  The lend...
How Many Community Associations Are in Your State? The Community Associations Institute (CAI) publishes a report about the national statistics of community associations.  Among other data, it includes information about the national number of community associations, a rough number of community ass...
It’s Budget Season - Don’t Forget About Reserves! For many condominium association Boards of Directors, it’s budget season as the members work to produce a budget for the start of the new fiscal year in January.  This is why we wanted to send out a quick reminder about the importance of funding t...
Kristin Johnston's article below is the most comprehensive list that I have seen regarding the many steps those of us in the north should do before winter arrives.  Please comment on her original article. Tackle these tasks early to avoid the rush, and to help keep you and your home safe and warm...
I’m Sorry.  You’re Still a PUDIn 2011, I was hired by a community to facilitate an FHA Condo Approval.  I went through the typical pre-screening process and everything checked out.  We completed an agreement and I collected the retainer.When I received the legal documents from the property manage...

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