4 Step Formula That Simply GUARANTESS Success whether a real estate agent in Palm Harbor FL, or a student in Flattop Mountain , Utah.   On May 25th, Wesley Firkin introduced himself to the Active Rain community with his first Active Rain blog.  ( What he shared reminded me h...
YOU’VE GOT THIS Now is a good time for a "gratitude moment." Thank you for reading by blogs, my answers, my emails, watching my videos... being part of my tribe. Over 20 years as a real estate agent and 3 years blogging, I've been on this journey and a LOT has changed over the years - both in my ...
"I Don't Wanna Do That!" The excuses roll in. At some point in our lives the 'adult' in us recognizes the parent does things, many things they don't want to do, but the parent does them anyway. Real estate is no different. Sometimes you need to do what needs to be done, whether you like it or not...
The question was asked yesterday, Friday 13th, "What are you doing today to make it awesome?"  My intent was to create a tour of a back yard which was comprised of very unique real estate. Instead of being a waste land I wanted to context it as a dreamland, a place where ones expectation and imag...
What is a SURROGATE ENDPOINT? It is a measure or effect that may correlate with an endpoint (outcome) but does not necessarily have a guaranteed relationship (or any relationship at all).The practice of real estate, especially the practice of most who carry the designation REALTOR, is saturated w...
We all like to learn, especially new stuff.......especially stuff not related to real new ideas can find room in a brain filled with real estate.So for two days it was all great stuff.Then they dropped a bombshell ...The speaker told us about her huge team (I think it wasabout 70 p...
The phenomenon called Annette Lawrence.Wow! When I read those words both joy and fear resonated within me.Joy knowing that, for someone, I have presented a topic of interest.Fear with understanding the luxury of anonymity is threatened.The writer, one whom I would easily refer to as friend even t...
Take a look at this artist creation of 3-D images, then imagine....How could this be used in real estate?An image of yourself greeting them at the front door?  Staging?Possible remodel ideas?How about 'talent' appearing to use house features?Where one would find such an artist is an entirely diff...

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