The days of Pay per Click could be coming to an end. We've read about Alpabets 'Deep Learning' programs and now it's coming to a store near you.On Google you can now pay for a sale or a lead rather than paying for the click. It’s called ‘Cost per Action’ or CPA bidding and is quite simply one of ...
Do you live in Salem Square or the surrounding Eastlake community in Palm Harbor FL?Have a friend you would like as a neighbort?Know anyone looking for a place just like yours?This is your 'early alert' to move to the head of the line about real estate in Salem Square.You know what to do.Annette ...
Recent discussion in the Q&A section related to inviting a guest blogger or being a guest blogger. Others have found using those with a large following to be of great value. Below is a tabulation of fees PAID TO INFLUENCER to chat up the product of others.From the fees shown, clearly some place G...
This was a test to see if anyone would follow the insstruction 'click to flip.'I will report the number of shurt url clicks received.
We all know about the 'Thank You' note and each of us has a drawer of various types of such acknowledgments to send to those from whom we want repeated good behavior...especially in regards to referrals.What inspired this deeper dive into 'THANK YOU' was the indelible outcome of such a dive into ...
 Everything Dunedin Homeowners Need to Know About iBuyers and the “Instant Cash Offer” 28 Oct 2019 by Annette Lawrence Dunedin, FL –  iBuyers and “Instant Cash Offers”Technology is changing the way we do almost everything, and real estate transactions are no exception. In fact, a new crop of tech...
A cowboy named Bud was overseeing his herd in a remote mountainous pasture in Montana when suddenly a 2016 7 Series BMW advanced toward him out of a cloud of dust. The driver, a young man in a Brioni suit, Gucci shoes, RayBan sunglasses and YSL tie, leaned out the window and asked the cowboy, "If...
I was bumping heads with one of those know the coaches coach, the guru, the one who has the super powers to see how the business universe works.  I should have known better....My skepticism was met with, "Ok, lets take a look at YOUR business." So, he looked at 8 metrics regarding ...
What happened? According to Capital One, someone outside the company gained unauthorized access to the personal information of over 100 million credit card holders and applicants in the U.S. and Canada.It's important to note that though passwords were not exposed in this breach, other personal in...
As a real estate agent, you ARE a small business owner. And like any business owner, a little thought is needed regarding understanding or defining what business you are in. This is helpful when compared to the alternative a practicing "accidental real estate."Let me take an approach different th...

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