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A blog about the current happenings on the ActiveRain Real Estate Network.  What's new, where we're going, updates and more...



RainMaker vs. Free Account? Often times we get the question, why RainMaker over a free Activerain account?Well, one thing we tell people is "If you get a question enough times.. write a blog about it!" so here it is! What do ActiveRain members get as Rainmakers? Access to ActiveRain's AMAZING SEO...
We are happy to announce the return of reBlogging! We have been working hard to get this feature fixed over the last few weeks. After hearing from many of you recently about how much you loved the feature and how much it was missed, we doubled our efforts to get the last few kinks worked out with...
I'm sure you've noticed.  ActiveRain is growing by leaps and bounds because people are hearing about our dynamic and giving community and want to be a part of the success happening in the rain.  As our community grows, we here are growing with you. We cannot be more excited to announce a new feat...
In May of 2010, we asked our members to send us pictures of checks they had received as a result of closings they attribute directly to their participation on ActiveRain. We even offer 2500 points for doing so. We've gotten quite a few success stories, complete with pictures of our members holdin...
Lindsay Pendleton Lindsay wrote an extraordinary press release about Christina Williams and her battle with ovarian cancer.  Well written with a great message of early detection being key.  Lindsay writes "Christina’s passion manifest within each of us and by continuing to spread the truth about ...
May the luck of the day bring gold to each of your Rainbows.     The staff at AR wish you a very happy Saint Patrick's Day!
"If you build it, he will come" Now I haven't seen field of dreams in a while, but if I remember right, that was the message whispered to Ray which started his odessey to build a baseball diamond in the middle of an Iowa corn field. Crazy, right? But he followed the voice, even though it almost r...
Just last month we announced our new RainCamp schedule for 2011.  From our blog post and also the RainCamp page you may have also noticed a few changes to the format and concept of Camp this year.  Perhaps you even noticed that we've extended RainCamp as not only a 1-day, but now a 2-day event!  ...
It's baaaaack!  RainCamp is kicking off 2011 in Atlantic City ladies and gents and we want to see you there! Join us April 4th & 5th for two days of intensive real estate training.  That's right, two days!  (Find out more about Day 2 of RainCamp)  We're bringing you double the knowledge and doubl...
We can all remember the favorite gift we've ever been given. Many times, the price tag on a gift has little to do with how well it is received. It's the thought that counts, or at least that's what they tell us. If you've ever been on the receiving end of a really thoughful gift however, you know...

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