Eastern Market (Detroit, MI)
By Ted Cantu
(i Cantu Media LTD)
Detroit's apartments have been the focus on WDIV news and on channel 7. The images are not pretty. They show busted water pipes, and toxic black mold growing along the walls, hallways and staircases. People are locked into leases and cannot move out and are complaining to the media for help. The landlords of these buildings didn't want to show their faces. This is pretty gruesome. Among the problems of black mold the top of the list include:* Memory loss* Headaches* Allergies If these people could move out I am sure they would.Heres a checklist of things to look for >>>http://renters.apartments.com/signs-you-have-a-mold-problem-in-your-apartment =================================================== The Detroit apartment scene has a way to go before it can be labled safe and desirable. ** ...
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