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Services for Real Estate Pros - Promo-Plates car nameplates by Ameri-Plates
TailGateTags nameplates draw potential clients to your website, telephone or office like a magnate. They mount to your car where your vital information is seen hundred to thousands of times daily while you just drive. TailGateTags are classy looking and keep their "like new" appearance for years. Here's the best part. TailGatetags are only $39.95 ea. Quality is 100% guaranteed.
Home      Create a plate      FAQ         Order      Contact   3D PromoPlates by PrimeLinx LAST for years. Driving business to your door everyday. We also create voice over videos for real estate websites. www.PrimeLinx.com                                 More Hits.....more often CLICK HERE to c...
I'm sorry to say it, but we're literally down to the final hour to have your PrimeLinx car nameplates delivered in time for Christmas.     At only $39.95 ea. for brilliant chrome and $44.95 ea. for rich matte gold they make the idea low cost holiday gift. Shipping and handling are free when you o...
Order your personalized car nameplates now to insure delivery before Christmas.   Delivery is free when you order two or more. Order online at www.PrimeLinx.com Your nameplates can say anything you choose up to 22 letters.
Every day national and local companies advertise on TV.    There’s something compelling about words, pictures and background music that printed copy can’t compete with.   This includes newspaper and website printed copy.   Why is that??    It’s a busy world out there.   Newspaper subscriptions ar...
Advertising is an amazing thing!!    Seems like every time I do a little advertising or marketing my sales go up.   It doesn’t take a lot of advertising, but rather placing it in just the right place.   I also try to spread my marketing around a little in select areas.   Here’s what I sell.     h...
PrimeLinx auto nameplates are used by people just like you worldwide.     Our nameplates are only $39.95 each and keep their like new appearance for years.   Want more information?    See this video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxeVVsYIWZU
As a professional production studio we provide real estate agents and agencies with custom produced voice-over videos to enhance your website, YouTube, blogs, LinkedIn or any other social media.   Your own personalized video can be used in many different ways. We guarantee the absolute lowest rat...
I’ve been producing voice-over videos for years promoting clients and making a direct PERSONAL connection with visitors to websites and social media such as Facebook.         Voice-over videos offer something 99% of websites don’t offer.   A personal invitation to call.     We include your own ho...
It’s all about doing things better than the competition.      Each small thing you do slightly better than anyone else not only adds to your credibility, but gives a potential client another reason to come to you.      Success is not one great, huge incentive that’s done better than anyone else, ...
But then again the Beebs or my Uncle Louie are not in the Real Estate business.  As far as I can tell, they've never been in the Real Estate business.   What's important is, PrimeLinx car nameplates are endorsed by those who are in the RE Biz.                                    www.PrimeLinx.com ...

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