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During this time of year, many homeowners find themselves juggling their regular mortgage payment in addition to extra expenses that come with the holiday season.  While winter temperatures in most cities are chillier than in Houston, holiday expenditures can make consumers a little hot under the...
Buying a smaller home is not something we usually plan on. But there are a number of reasons downsizing your home may be the best choice depending on your financial situation. Having a smaller home can make things more manageable. Money saved on upkeep can be used towards other things in your lif...
With the current national average price of gas hovering around $3, it's hard to believe that we once paid only 23 cents a gallon in the 50's! Houston has fared better than the national average. The average price for a gallon of gasoline in Houston is $2.53, and motorists in Galveston are paying t...
No industry has been hit harder by the recession than home construction. According to a report released in August by the U.S. Department of Commerce, new home construction fell to its lowest levels on record since 1963. And Texas is no exception. There is hope though. Texas Comptroller Susan Comb...
The recession has hit us where it hurts most – our pocketbooks. Home prices are down. People continue to struggle to find work. To alleviate the toll of the downed economy, many families are moving in with relatives. According to a recent survey by AARP Bulletin, 11 percent of those surveyed betw...
Hey everyone. My first blog post. I'm excited and I want to start with "hello" and "did you know mortgage rates were at their lowest levels since 1955?" That's right. You don't need glasses. This week, mortgage rates dropped to their lowest levels since 1955, according to the National Bureau of E...

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