New Canaan (New Canaan, CT)
By Mark Pires, Creative Marketing & Personal Aerial Photography
(Coldwell Banker Previews International)
This is how I feel about my business.. "When you find that fire inside of you, a passion for your work that never quits, a positive force that radiates so bright that your clients and the people you do business with can actually feel, you will always accomplish what you set out to do and you will be always be worth more then your competition. One of my current sellers referred to this as the Eye of the Tiger when we signed the listing paperwork. I truly feel that believing in yourself and your value is half the battle, It also takes extraordinary determination, hard work, creativity and constant preparation. If you have pure intentions and you are prepared to help one more family today, there is no stopping how successful you will become."   Please read this June Success Story below, ho...
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