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About us !??....Hmmmmmmmmmm....Let me think a second on this one. Ok !!.....We make people money !!....Simple isnt it !!? Well some people are skeptical with the current market situation...right !? Of course they are....and we dont blame you. But what if you could buy a property for pennies on the dollar !? Would it be worth it then !?...If you haven't noticed..there are a lot of question marks on my page ...right !? Its because in order for me to be succesful in this.. I need to know what your wants and needs are !! So I get to ask questions ...and hopefully you'll give me the answers I need, so I can help you make money now !! Even Brokers ...Agents ...Lenders are interested in making money when the prices are so low. Why shouldnt we get a piece of the pie !!?  I give individuals and opportunity to make money by  buying low...and then without being greedy ...selling at a profit. The market is cruel to those trying to make top dollar on their investment....when the truth is ...if they weren't so Damn greedy ...they could have sold under market and still made 50k -60k in profit !! I'll explain how. Say I own a Building for ....20k....and this property is a 4Bedroom - 9 Room Single Family Frame in lets say the West Side of Chicago. Ok......Now this property is in need of about 30k in Rehab work ...Ok !?  You have 50k Investment in the building right !? Now once your done ...your going to have the home appraised ...and lets say it appraises for 150k !!....thats 100k in equity created right !? RIGHT !!...And now you want to sell it ....What if you asked 100k !!? Would that kill your pocket !?.....Of course not .... And I bet you'd get a buyer a whole lot faster than if you tried to get 125k ...or 150k !!  People are failing because their greedy right now. We'll discuss some of this down the line.


This is basically covered in a few parts above. But my expertise lies in knowing how and when to sell. I own the properties I speak of ....So I know what will and wont sell in todays market. If your not going to live in the Rehab...what difference  does it make where it is !? But once always hear ...LOCATION IS EVERYTHING !!.....That only applies if your going to be moving in the home !!....Im sure someone would Love to own a new Rehabbed building with all the bells and whistles !!.....Wouldnt you !?....I know how to make people money ..and let me ask you this....If I didnt make you money on the first deal...would you come back to do a second !? ...OF COURSE YOU WOULDN'T !!...I would think you were a nut job !!.....Im looking for repeat buyers on this network, just as I do in my everyday line of work !! Im not a hit it and quit it kind of guy. Im more like a friend that sits with you and plans things out so your successful in whatever you plan on doing.


We Buy and Sell Distressed Properties all over the Chicagoland area !! We Provide these with little money down, so you can afford to complete the Rehab and make Top Dollar on your Investment !!