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8301 SW 24th Ave

Gainesville , Florida 32607

I'm a 20/10 guy. 20 years in I.T. & 10 years in real estate.

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I'm a stereotypical I.T. guy.  I write code, watch Star Trek, & have facial hair.  I was in the first wave of I.T. people in the early/mid 1990s and have worked at several comanies as a web developer. 

In 2005 I decided to dabble in real estate. I got my broker license in North Carolina and simultaneously wrote my own property search & valuation tools in order to buy investment property.  That turned into a technology company that provides various technology services to the Charlotte metro area.

In 2011 I moved to central Florida and decided to start my own firm & keep my techology exclusive to myself in the Alachua & Marion County markets.  Today, I am a non-compete broker for Savvy & Company Real Estate in Gainesville.

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