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"Creating warm, inviting spaces that feel like home!" 


Feels Like Home Interiors offers a variety of customized home staging services designed to meet the widely varying needs of our clients.  We tailor a solution that works best with your goals and budget.    

A real estate professional passionate about helping your clients?  If you are a realtor passionate about building your business while providing your clients the highest level of service, we offer you an easy, effective, and profitable strategy to be even more successful in today's highly competitive marketplace. Benefits to your Current Success:

Saves you time so you can focus on marketing your listings Creates more traffic for you listings because other agents will want to show them Saves you money because your listings will sell faster reducing your carrying costs Makes you money because your listings will sell for the best possible price Minimizes the need to deal with sensitive home preparation issues with your clients

Benefits to your Future Success:

Improves your sales statistics Enhances the "wow" factor of your web presence Increases the number of referrals from happy clients Provides another selling point for you to use when meeting with potential listing clients         


Staging is a marketing investment with a great return for you and your clients!  Consider offering your listing clients a Feels Like Home Interiors "Feels Like Home!" Consultation as part of your exceptional value-added service.    A budget-conscious, do-it-yourself homeowner?  If you are interested in completing all or most of the staging work yourself and looking for guidance, we offer customized consultations.   We provide the expert advice and direction you need to effectively create a warm and inviting ambiance that will help you transform your house into a space that will be able to feel like home for your buyers.  You can then complete as much of the staging work as you choose and call on us for help at any point if you want our hands-on staging expertise.



Looking for start to finish staging of your property?  Feels Like Home Interiors also offers full-service staging for both vacant and occupied properties.  Our design specialists will transform your home into a showcase that will "wow" buyers, helping them to imagine themselves making your house their home.




Want to see the difference our staging makes?

Click here to see before and after photos of one of our staging transformations.










Stage to Sell! Services

"Feels Like Home!" Walk and Talk Consultation-this option is perfect for you if you are looking for detailed room by room/interior and exterior guidance on what steps you need to take to best present your home to sell and want to complete the work yourself.  While you take notes, we walk through your home with you and describe the specific steps necessary to successfully stage your home.  "Feels Like Home!" Walk and Talk Consultations offer our most cost-effective staging option and work best for handy, do-it-yourself home owners wanting specific direction on how to turn their home into a showcase property that will appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers. 

"Feels Like Home!"  Consultation and Customized "Feels Like Home!" Staging Report-after a thorough evaluation of the inside and outside of your home, we will present you with an indepth written staging report prioritizing the detailed steps needed to successfully stage your home.  After reviewing the report you decide which of the recommendations you will complete and which you would like Feels Like Home Interiors to handle for you.  Your Customized "Feels Like Home!"  Staging Report will serve as your roadmap for effectively staging your home, helping you to sell your home more quickly and for the best price possible. 


Occupied Home Staging

Based on your review of your "Feels Like Home!" Staging Report and your staging investment strategy, we will customize a Full Service Staging package that best fits your needs and goals.  Staging will usually be completed in a day or less and will be done using your existing furnishings and decor.  If any additional decorative items or furnishings are needed to complete your customized staging plan, we will help you with advice on purchasing or renting these items.

Finishing Touch Staging

Finishing Touch Staging works well when you have completed most of the staging recommendations on your own and now want us to help with the final polishing.  A Feels Like Home Interiors professional staging stylist will spend two hours adding finishing touches and making any adjustments that will best complete your home staging transformation.

Vacant Property Staging

We will coordinate the furniture rental necessary to transform your vacant property into a warm, inviting home where the buyers will be able to imagine themselves enjoying their new lives.  Together with you we will decide how many of the home's rooms to stage in order to make the best impression on your potential buyers and stay within your staging investment strategy.

Vignette Staging 

Our most economical vacant staging package, Vignette Staging, uses a few carefully chosen items placed in key areas such as the entryway, kitchen, master bedroom and bath to suggest what the home will feel like when lived in by the buyer.  These staging vignettes warm up the space, helping a buyer make an emotional connection with the home which is crucial in their purchasing decision.



Stage to Stay! Services

For many of us our current residence is where we plan to be for a while.  Now more than ever our home should be our refuge, the place we love coming home to at the end of the day.  Our Stage to Stay! Redesign Services are completely customized to meet your unique needs.  Working with what you already own and the goals you have for a particular space in your home, we help you create a dream room that fulfills your wishes and expresses your personal taste.   In order to provide you with the best service, we carry business liability insurance of $1 million per occurance and $2 million aggregate. 





Feels Like Home Interiors offers customized home staging services designed to meet the needs of our Pittsburgh area clients. We will tailor a solution that works best with your goals and budget.