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Developing one of the most innovative marketing strategies for agents today, Jon continually pushes the envelope and challenges agents to take their production to levels only dreamed of previously!

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AZ FatCats is the most advanced real estate marketing system available to agents today.  Unfortunately, currently this system is only available to 30 agents in Arizona.  Will YOU be one of the fortunate 30 chosen to implement this system?  I hope so.  Here is a glimpse of what the AZ FatCats System provides for its 30 agents.



Can you imagine working with a system that incorporates ALL of the above?  Actually, there more... MUCH MUCH MORE!   It's taken 18 months to create a system that's truly focused on the agent and their desire to dominate the competition.  That's why this system is not for the faint at heart.  Though you don't have to be an internet genious to implement the system, you DO have to commit to daily routines to insure the system generates the momentum necessary to drive you to the top of today's challenging market. 


Want more listings?  I DEFINITELY have your answer!



Are you still with me?  Good.  Let's take a deeper look into the specifics of the AZ FatCats Marketing System.  Click the grey tab to the right of the 'flip book' to advance the slides.



So, does this peak your interest?  Contact me today if you're TRULY SERIOUS about reaching the TOP 1% of Arizona's real estate producers!  Jon A. Achilles - (480) 688-0656


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Are you kidding me?  Excitement is what I'm all about.  No more Ho Hum, Doom & Gloom.  I can't think of a better time to be in the Arizona real estate market!  Buyers are in PRIME position to capitalize on lower prices, Investors have tremendous options and Realtors, heck, 1/2 of your competition has left the business!

Marketing is my game and my laptop is overflowing with ways I can help agents and sellers move their homes.  You thought creative financing was gone?... Think again!  We have loan programs to make your listings fly out the door.  I also have web generated programs to boost your listings' exposure and kick the contract offers into overdrive. 

I've been in the mortgage business for 20 years, lending in Arizona for the past 16 years.  Trust a loan officer who knows the market, the programs and creative ways to structure a contract to make you the hero!

Give me a call and tell me what your ideas are and we'll put our synergy to work!  Jon A. Achilles - (480) 688-0656

Conventional, FHA, VA and Commercial lending.  Yet, none of it matters if we aren't successful matching active buyers with willing sellers.  Guess what?  Marketing is my game and we can work together tailoring a plan to put your buyers in a home with programs that everyone else thought disappeared.

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