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Jeff Zoccoli
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Get to Know Jeff Zoccoli

Jeff is an Executive Loan Officer at Mount Olive Mortgage located in Budd lake, NJ.  He is a resident of Sussex County, NJ and more importantly Jeff is a Founding Member of THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RESPONSIBLE LOAN OFFICERS -  As an active member of NARLO, Jeff is committed to educating consumers before they borrow and is accountable to an entirely separate Code of Ethics through his membership.  In addition to that, Jeff has been featured as the guest speaker at many real estate offices and homebuyer seminars throughout the Tri-State area and has provided expert opinion about topics ranging from consumer credit, first time buyers, FHA reforms and the dangers of overstating your income.

Most of Jeff's customers have become part of his "Clients for Life" program which means that they have used him for multiple  transactions, whether  for buying another home, refinancing, home equity loans or just simply advice about how to better manage their finances.  Most people find that when they use Jeff for their mortgage needs once, they are compelled to remember him and utilize his expertise time and time again.

In addition to being an exceptional loan officer, Jeff has helped literally hundreds of clients to improve their credit score through an in depth analysis and review of their credit reports and offering FREE consulting meetings and educational seminars about how the credit system works and what people can do to improve their own score.  This is a complimentary service that has literally changed some of Jeff's clients lives.

"I am passionate about helping people restructure their finances and seeing the difference that I can make in someone's life!" - Jeff Zoccoli


FIRST-TIME BUYERS - Jeff is an expert on most of the first-time buyer and community homebuyer programs available in your area.  One major advantage is his ability to navigate through the maze of different lending programs and criteria to find the specific program that will best fit your needs.  Many of his client have had challenged credit histories and little or no money for a down payment and they were approved and able to accomplish their dreams!  Again an example of how his magic touch can change someone's life.

REFINANCE SPECIALIST - For the past decade many lenders have entered into the refinance and home equity markets when rates were low.  It was an easy job to offer someone a lower rate.  Jeff has spent the last decade as a leader in the refinance markets.  His expertise shows clear when he conducts a full-financial analysis of his clients' financial profile before recommending the client refinance.  In many cases his clients have been able to save over $1,000 per month, restructure their finances and get a jump on their financial future using Jeff's creative financing tools.  Again there is never a charge for this service.  In extreme circumstances, some of his clients were able to save their homes and preserve their equity thanks to his ability to act quickly and expedite their loan process

F.H.A. & V.A. LENDER - Although many lenders have gotten away from these government insured products, Jeff still would rather give a client a loan at 6.50% through FHA / VA then have to use a "NON-PRIME" bank and give the same customer an 8.50% rate.  It sounds simple, but it is true.  Many people today have been given these non-prime loans at high adjustable interest rates when in fact, they may have qualified for a lower rate on a government insured loan.  The trick is not all lenders or mortgage brokers are able to write these loans.  Jeff's company, Acceptance Mortgage, LLC is proud to be a leader in the industry offering both FHA and VA loans.


"ALL YOUR MORTGAGE NEEDS!" - Jeff has been a founding member of The National Association of Responsible Loan Officers since 2005. He is ready to help you with all your mortgage needs.