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Get to Know Ira Sacharoff

Appearances can be deceiving. It's easy to get taken in by cutely staged houses with granite countertops, overlooking the horrors that lay behind the walls.

Likewise, it's easy to get taken in by a smooth talking real estate agent wearing a two thousand dollar suit and driving a brand new Mercedes. But this veneer of success doesn't indicate at all that the agent is advocating for your best interests.. That's where I come in. I won't try to push you into a home so I can maintain my lifestyle.

I had another career, which included representing my union brothers and sisters at the negotiating table for many years. I've got a paid off house. I don't spend a lot of money marketing myself and showing off how successful I am. I have other income, so I don't have to sell my soul to make a living.   I can afford to be honest.

Some real estate agents have a short term outlook- they'll do whatever it takes to get you to sign on the dotted line. They'll always tell you to " buy now!" and get on board, even as the ship is sinking.

Even if I wanted to, I'm just not capable of that. 

But what I am is straightforward. I'm not a salesman type. I don't want clients feeling as though they were conned or manipulated by me, and they won't be. And if this costs me over the short term, I'm fine with that. I'm currently suggesting to potential clients that now might not be a good time to buy, that Seattle is likely to see further price drops. This goes contrary to what  many real estate professionals advise. But I've got a clear conscience and consider myself more of a consumer advocate than a salesman.  Some people prefer to be pushed into making decisions. If that's you, find someone else. I'm not "hard sell". Buying a house is a serious matter, and I want to make sure that you're totally comfortable making that decision.

I'm competent, easygoing,  and low key. I will happily dispense free practical advice and information. If it means you become a client ten years from now or tell your friends about me, it's worth it. I've dealt with too many agents who suddenly became unfriendly when they realized I wasn't going to make an offer, or didn't have a client for their particular property.

I'm a full time, full service agent offering commission rebates, and I choose to take on only a few clients at a time so I can provide personalized, high quality service.


I love to do and share research, to the point of obsessive compulsive! I have an innate sense of finding properties that are relative bargains and the dogged determination and resources to find them.  I'm a good listener. I'm not going to waste your time corralling you to properties that you can't afford and won't be interested in, and then try to convince you otherwise.

There are a lot of agents specializing in luxury homes. That's not me. I don't aspire to represent folks who earn a million dollars per year ( but if you're out there and you want me, let's talk.) I work in the entire Seattle/Eastside area but am most familiar with Central Seattle, Madrona, Mt. Baker, Seward Park , Bryn Mawr, Beacon Hill, Skyway, Rainier Beach, Lake Ridge, Renton, Newcastle, Issaquah, and Bellevue.

I also have 20+ years of experience as a real estate investor.

I'm not for everybody. Some people want a cheerleader agent who will encourage them to make an offer on every house they look at. That's not me. Some people might find me too honest. Some might find me not slick enough. And I'm too down to earth for some.  But If you're looking for someone will always treat you kindly,courteously, and fairly, then maybe you should contact me.

 Call me at 206-349-2574 or email


Appearances can be deceiving.