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Gregg Pechmann
The Pechmann Mortgage Team
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Get to Know Gregg Pechmann

This Is Who I Am:

I love the mortgage business. Whether it’s their home of their dreams or their first home, I love being able to help create family memories for my client. My goal is to make the mortgage process as easy as possible and to call my client a lifetime friend.

I am very blessed  by my wonderful wife, Sharon, and two daughters, Annabelle & Francesca.

This Is Who I Help:

All home buyers or people who want to refinance in the state of Tennessee & Florida and who want the best mortgage experience in the market today.

Whether you are a First Time Home Buyer ,a Luxury Buyer, I CAN HELP YOU!
I specialize in Conventional, FHA, VA & USDA Loans.

I take the approach of looking at the bigger picture. I am a Certified Dave Ramsey Financial Coach. I help you create wealth, pay off your mortgage early, and plan your financial future at a faster pace. I help you long term, not just in a 30 day window.
The #1 key is to be informed. I am your eyes and ears in the mortgage business!!

This Is How I Help Home Buyers:

I leave no stone unturned so you can assume that I will look at every mortgage product that’s available and recommend the one that will be best for you. I will show you the options, go over the numbers long term and short term, and show you which program will be best for you.

I will help you plan your future so your dreams turn into realities.

I will make the mortgage process easy and enjoyable for you and your family. I handle everything from ordering the appraisal to title work as well as loan approval.

I will make it easy for you to dream about your future home.

The goal is not just to close the loan. I want you to become financially stronger so future successes can follow.

I have also been blessed to speak around the country , host my own national financial podcast show “Fighting Back Financially”, author of “Upside Down”, Certified Dave Ramsey Financial Coach (as well as been featured in Dave Ramsey’s newsletter), & Dan Miller 48 Days Certified Financial Coach.

Please call or email me at:







The Pechmann Mortgage Team has many programs, options, loans, and packages available to you with the best rates and terms in the market today. With a 15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage you can pay off you mortgage in half the time of a traditional 30 year Mortgage. 20 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage will build up equity in your home more quickly and save interest. 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage is the most popular type of mortgage. Low Down Payment Mortgage is ideal for people with limited funds for closing costs. Bi-Weekly Mortgage is a fixed-rate mortgage is designed for borrowers who wish to accumulate equity in their homes quickly, but need a low down payment and low monthly payments Home Improvement 203K Mortgage makes your dream home a reality with an FHA 203K Loan. Adjustable Rate Mortgage is perfect for short term homeowners or serial relocations. Fixed Period Adjustable Rate Mortgage is the same as an Adjustable Rate Mortgage but with a fixed period, usually 3-10 years) of fixed interest rate. Balloon Mortgage means the principal and interest you pay are amortized over a longer period (30 years) than the actual term of the mortgage. Reverse Mortgage means you receive payments from the equity in your home. Ideal for homeowners over 62 years old with no mortgage or very little outstanding principal. Rual Housing Loan is for Borrowers in rural areas have easier access to affordable housing, due to partnerships with the Rural Housing Service  

Mike Morrison- Express Title
“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Gregg , and I can say without hesitation that he is the best of the best. Anyone looking to get a loan for a home purchase or refinance would be greatly served by choosing Gregg.”
Vickie Rhonemus - RE/MAX
“YOU GUYS are the BEST!”
Kevin & Teresa Jones- Keller Williams
“Did we tell you how awesome you are????? We are so blessed to have great people like you in our life!!”
Elaine Crawford-- Keller Williams
“Hey Gregg! The closing went wonderfully well! You were such a blessing!”
Carol Ann Paulton- Realty Exchange
“You ROCK!”
Justin Wilcox- Client and Head of Publishing at Johnson City Press
“A sincere thank you to you and your staff for all of your help and hard work. You are truly a class act. I thank you for your courtesy and professionalism.”- Justin Wilcox, Client
Timothy Kitts- Client
“Thank you so much for everything during this crazy time of buying and selling a house. You all made everything so much easier for us and really helped us through this time in a very efficient way. I will definitely recommend Benchmark to anyone looking to finance a home.”
Kathy Adair, Senior Vice-President of American Security
“Thanks for taking care of them in the purchase of their first home! It is a very exciting time for them, and since I cannot be there to take them through it, I am glad you can. I have been in the mortgage business for almost 30 years and I am very impressed with the time and guidance you have given Josh and Samantha! Thank you for that!”
Roger Lambert- Client
“People would be honored to have such a high quality professional TEAM as yours handling their affairs. Keep up the great work!”
Colin Johnson- Keller Williams
“I recommend Gregg as much as possible. He is highly motivated and his wiliness to go above and beyond to help people is second to none. Gregg has been working in the Mortgage Industry for years and to give clients exceptional service. His knowledge of the banking industry and how to deal with difficult financial situations makes him a wonderful resource for people who are struggling financially and allows him to give fantastic customer service. The bottom line on Gregg is that he is a man of true faith, a hard worker, nice guy and genuinely wants to help people. I will continue to recommend him every chance I get.
Carly Johnson- Keller Williams
“Gregg is a true professional in his field. He has the expertise and creativity to help his clients secure the right mortgage products, and the integrity to move each client in the right direction. He exceeds communication expectations and is always very personable!”
Ruby Alexander- Century 21
“Thanks so much Gregg. You guys are doing great things over there!”
Rob McLean- Keller Wiliams
“Gregg is a servant leader and has great passion for what he does and what he does is help People/Clients realize their goals whether it be obtaining the best mortgage, assisting in short sales ” Wrote the book on it”, or just listening to determine exactly what his client needs even when the client themselves might not be sure. Gregg is a trusted Business partner for me and I would highly recommend his knowledge and services.”-
Janet Mashburn- Client
“You have been absolutely wonderful and I want to thank you for all your hard work.”-
Dave McAuley, President, Summit Leadership Foundation
“I have referred several people to Gregg and have had wonderful feedback on his professionalism and caring approach to assisting people. Gregg cares…he’s been there and knows how to work through complicated situations with integrity. I can recommend Gregg without reservation to assist with anything related to your finances whether you need solve a problem or plan in order to avoid one in the future.”
Kim Wahl- Client and Real Estate Agent for Atlantic Homes
“You are the best!”
Steve Reed- Benchmark and Competitor
“Through Greg’s insight, I have made some tough, but much needed decisions concerning my financial future. Through those decisions, I am now debt free except for my mortgage which I plan to have paid off in under 10 years. Gregg has been a valuable resource in my financial planning!”

I love the mortgage business. Whether it’s their home of their dreams or their first home, I love being able to help create family memories for my client.