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Gary 'Banana' Houghtaling
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Get to Know Gary 'Banana' Houghtaling

Mr Banana here! And yes people call me Mr Banana!  Why?  Because my ever so popular wife is Anna Banana ! I guess it's easier calling us Banana after all this time!


My background is in aerospace engineering. I've been a long time manage at Honeywell in the AeroSpace division. In short I solve complex problems, find solutions and get people working together.


I'm also a REALTOR and have been licensed since 2006.  I've been married to Anna Banana since 1998 so I've been well versed in real esate by my lovely wife since we first met!


We decided to open our own Real Estate company, Phoenix Property Shoppe in 2006. I handle pretty much all the back office, technical isues and financial accounting. I also work hand in hand with Anna and with all of our clients.


Anna and I are a really good team. We have different skills sets so we're compliment each other well.


Now just because I am an engineer doesn't mean I'm not fun! Trust me you can't be around Anna and not have a LOT of fun. The stories I could tell of all the crazy events and parties we've had over the year. And I've got plenty of pictures too! 


As I go along in my blogging journey I'll be sharing some of those fun stories as well as business  and real estate market information.


I do look at things from a different perspective than many other folks - which honestly I'm not sure if that good or not so good! But it works for me and my wife is used to it by now!


We have 4 grandchildren all under the age of 10 so you can imagine how busy those parents are 24/7! Our only wish it they lived closer but alas Paul works for the Air Force in NC and he's also in the reserves so that's where they'll be for awhile.


We've got a rescure bijon-poo named Barney and he keeps us laughing - a lot. He's always up to something around our home or office. And everybody loves the little fur ball. I just started teaching him tricks and he's really smart.


As for what I enjoy doing.....traveling. hiking, grilling just about anything and fine wines.



What our clients like about our service is our honesty and willingness do go the extra, EXTRA mile to make sure everything is done correctly and on time. Our business in by referral and we love it!