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Benjamin Clark
Buyer's Agent - Certified Negotiation Expert
location_on Salt Lake City, UT — Homebuyer Representation, Inc.
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Most of the real estate industry is focused on representing sellers. Training seminars and classes are focused on increasing listings. The predominant method to find buyers is by having homes available for sale. Get more listings. Listings will generate calls and inquiries from buyers.

This setup leads to buyers being sold homes because the sale benefits the seller and/or the listing agent. Was it the best house for that Buyer? Maybe. Was the buyer seeing all their options? Maybe not. Because not all buyers are clients, buyers are not always made aware of other options. Buyers may have their offer accepted on a house, and then not ever be made aware that they have rights and ways out of the contract if the home turns out to be less than represented. In short, buyers are typically less protected in a real estate transaction.

Buyers are often customers in a transaction rather than clients. Seller's agents regularly convince buyers to sign limited agency agreements. These agreements limit the amount of representation the buyer receives, while allowing the listing brokerage to collect both sides of the real estate commission. According to the National Association of Realtors, in almost a third of all real estate transactions, buyers say that they were never told that they had the right to have an agent that would work ONLY for them.

Our brokerage represents Buyers ONLY. We do not list properties and we protect our client's best interests throughout their transactions. We are hired directly by our clients and we offer loyalty, accountability, disclosure, confidentiality, obedience and care to our clients in their transactions. Unlike most real estate brokerages, we have a policy to always work in the best interest of the buyer. We do not ask our buyer-clients to agree to limited or dual agency.

Buyers CAN hire an agent who will work exclusively in their best interest. An agent with legal obligations to sellers to market and promote specific properties cannot offer a buyer this undivided level of service.

Choosing the Right Agent when Buying a Home

Ben Clark on Fox Business and CNBC's 21st Century Business discussing the importance of getting an agent who will be loyal to you as the buyer in your real estate purchase.


From first time buyers to executives to empty nesters, we specialize in the exclusive representation of home buyers in the Salt Lake City area and surrounding counties. We offer full fiduciary duties and protect our client's best interests throughout their transaction. (see above).

We provide free consultation services and homebuying information to prospects. We negotiate on our clients' behalf and work to get the most favorable price and terms for the Buyer. As Exclusive Buyer's Agents, we provide comparables that reflect the true market value of a home, not comparables that justify an overpriced listing. Our job is equally important to us whether we are helping you close your deal, or if we are helping protect your best interest as we take a deal apart.

Our goal is to help you get the best deal on a home or property where you will enjoy living, spending time with family and entertaining friends! We also want to help you make sound investment decisions based on real facts and our expertise.

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I believe in education and constant improvement. I hold the following Designations, Certifications, and Memberships:

Exclusive Buyer’s Agent (EBA)
Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE)
Certified Exclusive Buyer Agent (CEBA)
Certified Client Protection Expert (CPE)
Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)
Graduate - REALTOR Institute (GRI)
Council of Residential Specialists (CRS)
Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE)
Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE)
Seniors Residential Specialist (SRS)
Former President of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA)
Member - National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents
Member - Salt Lake Board of REALTORS
Member - Utah Association of REALTORS
Member - National Association of REALTORS (NAR)
Member - Real Estate Buyer Agent's Council (REBAC)
Member – Residential Real Estate Council (RRC)
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Brian & Liza K. Salt Lake City
My husband and I recently bought our first home in Salt Lake City. On the advice of a friend who works in real estate, we decided to hire an exclusive buyer’s agent to represent us in our home search. After talking to a few different agents, we decided to work with Ben at Homebuyer Representation Inc. We could not be happier with our decision. From the beginning, Ben consistently acted with integrity and professionalism, and we always felt that he was representing our best interests. We moved from out of state, and only had a few days to look at houses. Ben was able to clear his schedule to spend almost three entire days showing us houses. He always respected our parameters of price and location and never steered us towards any particular house. For me, one of the greatest benefits of having an exclusive buyer’s agent was that I never felt that he was trying to sell me a house; rather, he was trying to help us find the best value. In the end, we made an offer and had a house under contract within a week. I would have been willing to pay the asking price of the house, but Ben was able to negotiate with the seller for a price more than 20K off the original asking price. As if that wasn’t enough, Ben then went above and beyond to help us finalize all the paperwork from out of state. He answered all our questions and made the whole process very simple. When we weren’t able to be in town for the home inspection, Ben went and videotaped the inspection and sent it to us online by the next day. He even had the locks changed for us, and was able to let a housecleaner in our home before we got to town. Overall, our homebuying process was incredibly positive. I would 100% recommend that anyone buying a home work with Ben.
T Lau
We chose to work with an Exclusive Buyer's Agent because we knew that only our best interests would be represented by our agent. A traditional agent may or may not have been showing us homes that they or their agency has listed. By choosing to work with Home Buyer Representation, we knew that there would be no worries of seeing partner agent homes or any other conflicts of interest. The only other agents that we worked with were those representing the sellers of the homes that we were interested in. Ben was much more personal than these other agents. When we spoke to the other agents, it felt like we were just another sale, with Ben, we felt like he had our needs in mind at all times. Ben also seemed to be much better at follow through than the other agents.
D Mitchell
When buying property, I will always use an exclusive buyer's agent. I contacted Ben when my wife and I were interested in purchasing a condo in Park City. He had no problem working with me for several days to show me all of the properties that met my criteria. I never felt pushed as I do with other realtors, he is very mild mannered and easy to work with. He handled all aspects of buying real estate with professionalism. I would definitely recommend him.
S Theobald
I liked the idea of an exclusive buyer's agent because I needed someone who was looking after my interests first. Ben was an invaluable asset in my search. He previewed house after house for me, communicated well, and didn't try to steer me toward houses I wasn't interested in. On the one day I had to look at houses myself, he helped me evaluate the pros and cons of each property, and even suggested remodeling ideas, one of which I used to create a much-improved entry way in my house. He gave me realistic comps to look at, and made it clear he didn't want me to overpay for the house. He took care of all the closing details while my husband and I were still across the country and went the extra mile to solve some problems that popped up after closing as well. I recommend Benjamin Clark without reservation. Anyone buying a house would be well served by him.
S Sell
Conventional real estate agents do not have your interest 100 percent in mind. They are always connected to the seller, regardless if they are helping buyers. A Buyer's Agent, however, represents you and your interests entirely. That's why I went with Benjamin Clark. He will keep your needs completely in mind and will always be in your corner.
M Peterson
Ben has exceptional follow up and he really was on our side, keeping our interests in mind. We were grateful to have Ben with us and many times he kept our builder in check which saved us a lot of money.

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