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Get to Know Bonnie Seide

I have been enjoying making people happy for years.

I first started offering real estate in 1978 and have been enjoying it ever since. It is a fun and lucrative business. I found that when the customer is satisfied above their expectations, they will be your cheer leaders and make you more money and bring you more business than you can imagine. That is the greatest compliment I can get, a customer sending their best friend to me because they were so satisfied. That is a fantastic feeling.

Putting  the customer first.

 That is easier to say than do, but after years of practice I almost have it perfected. And you can ask any past customer, this is the one thng that they appreciate more than anything. I have received many awards and prizes over the years, and I  can still remember some of the first customes who helped me achieve those goals.

I am pround of what my daughter and I have created in Seide Realty. I love our mission statement and what the company stands for. I look forward to meeting our next customer, and solving their next problem. And working with my daughter to achieve this. This is all so cool! See you at the closing.


I guess my most prescious asset is my ability to negotiate. I have the ability to see both sides of an argument/disagreement clearly and can determine the best course of action. I think that leaving your emotions outside the conference room is a very good idea. In negotiating I try to be as logical as possible and I try to see thru the other guys eyes. What is the other customer thinking, feeling, and what goals are they trying to achieve. If you can see through thi "muck", you are well on your way to making everyone happy. When you have a "win - win" situation for the buyer and the seller, you also win.

I feel that every realtor should completely understand social styles and what different types of people there are out there. And how this can affect a transaction. Many major companies hire on this basis, yet the real estate business is lagging far behind in this area. My job is so much easier when I speak your language than when we butt heads. I have dedicated much of my spare time to learning this  and enhancing these skills. It is an ongoing process.


I am co-owner/Broker of Seide Realty. We sell all types of Real Estate in Alachua and surrounding Counties. Our main focus is to help the customer achieve their goals with as little stress as possible