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Get to Know Alice Moss

Having worked exclusively with Buyers the first 7 years of my real estate career I got to learn the buying side of real estate so expertly that it was really hard not to stay a buyers agent for the rest of my career. The problem was my buyers, who eventually became sellers, wanted to me (and only me) to sell their homes a few years later but as an exclusive buyers agent I could not do it. My commitment to representing one side of the transaction made me lose sight of my real intent and that was to be the best agent for my clients. Knowing what buyers wanted I could work with a seller to help them sell their home faster, with the best price , and with less headaches.If you know buyers you can help the Sellers sell. Every Seller has to have a Buyer so I knew where to look,  how to get the Buyers interest and how to close a deal. Everyone ultimately has to go back to the basic rule of real estate. The Buyer wants to buy and the Seller want to sell.

As an agent my job is to help these consumers find each other and get the deal done. No smoke, no mirrors -just service and good old hard work! We work with Sellers and Buyers thoughout the Central Illinois market. Our location is central to the metropolitan area and this helps us be anywhere we need to be in a short time.

Jim Maloof/Realtor is a locally owned business. We are located in Central Illinois. We are specialists in our area. Our service consistently wins awards. We are a major relocation specialist company serving over 30 different companies in our area. We belong to Relocation Companies of the World.

We are locally centered offices with 16 locations in 16 communities around the area. We have strength from the number of superior agents in each office and with the respect from other agents in our market area. Our membership in our local Association of Realtors, the Illinois Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors provides a grounded business Code of Ethics we pledge to obey. We strive to upholding if not surpasss our reputation in the business community.

Jim Maloof/Realtor is reknown throughout Illinois and indeed the nation as one of the most successful independently owned and operated real estate companies  Our company continues to grow and set records leading the real esate industry with innovative marketing, outstanding sales levels, technological sales tools, educational programs for agents and for the general public.  We take the real estate profession to the next level without ever losing sight of our real focus - sellling property and serving our clients.


I work with Buyers, Sellers, Landlords, Tenants, Investors, Banks, businesses, families, singles, retirees, and First Time Homebuyers. Whatever your need I can help you solve your real estate problems. Just "Ask for Alice". I am the answer to your real estate question. Where other agents quit my job is just kicking into gear. I am going to give you the "wow" service you want. If you have a hard to sell property or want to find that special home you need to Ask for Alice to get your wants answered. I am the answer to real estate problems!

Leading the company into the educational field in real estate has taught me that one of the most important things you can do for your career and for the company is to bring deserving intelligent value based people into real estate. Not only do you build a formidable sales force, but you gain the quality and type of agents that adhere to your strict standards of expertise in real estate transactions. Teaching at least 5 classes a year I have come face to face with some of the best of the best in the real estate profession. Not only do I guide them through prelicense text work I try to infuse the values that mold them into the real estate agent perfected. By strengthening and amplifying the ethical treatment and fiduciary duties owed to a client they are compelled  to reach beyond what is standard business practice to attain super agent status. If you think it you can do it. Nothing can stand in the way of a desire to go beyond boundaries to become the exceptional agent.

Not only do I teach them, but I learn something from them at every turn. Exposure to all levels of real estate knowledge can provide insight to what is and what is not working in the real estate profession. When an student comes to me because they had a bad experience with their own agent and says I can do this better - I have a much easier job. Yes we can be better if we so choose and they're one step ahead already. Knowing you can do better means you will do better.

I have been an Exclusive Buyer's Agent. I have trained buyer agents. I have a Broker's license. I've owned my own real estate company and prior to that I owned other businesses. I have a Pre-License Instructor Certificate. I am licensed to sell real estate in Florida although I am not active in that state today. My depth of knowledge in real estate is extrmely broad and wide ranged. I have a desire to know more, sell more, excel more, show more, and be the best agent I can be.

When you need someone who can give you expert advise or guide your through a tough transaction you need all the experience you can find. Not having proper representation can cause you to lose a great deal of money or spend a lot of time which can cost you even more money.

We fine tune the marketing of each proeprty we list. Offering a top notch property is going to bring in a quick sale with the best price and terms. Having an agent to help with the best way to market your property is going to make your life a lot easier. Following the directions of that agent will make you the most money!

All of the marketing in the world is not going to sell an unmarketable property. Taking that property to its foreseeable potential is going to draw the buyers out. Knowing where to market what type of property will make it sell, too. You have to have an agent like Alice with that skill to get to SOLD!  When you hire Alice you get the skill, advise and results you need.


Serving Central Illinois with fast transactions, huge savings for sellers or buyers and smooth sails (Sales). Proven results, guaranteed satisfaction and the best customer service possible!!