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What I have found is that AccuRecruiter presents a different and attractive hook to bringing prospects to our company. I can monitor how many prospects have taken part in our recruiting survey; observe their responses both to the survey and the DRIP follow-ups and from there, decide who we'd like to pursue further. Those I want to pursue are asked to take part in the Real Estate Simulator, a tool that evaluates the prospect's real estate potential. This tool sets us apart from other companies in that it provides candidates with a hands-on experience from Coughlin & Company unlike anything they've had in the past. The simulator generates curiosity about us, the real estate industry, and the candidate's place in the industry. It helps me evaluate who I want to pursue and how hard l want to pursue them. I've really appreciated the support availability that AlignMark has provided as I was learning the system and the most efficient way of using it. AlignMark has been very responsive to us when we've had questions, in some cases bringing technical staff online to help. Our experience thus far with AlignMark has shown that it is a company that cares about its clientele. If there is an issue that cannot be resolved easily or is being addressed in a later version, it is disclosed upfront with no attempt at all to blow it off or bluff through. I appreciate the honesty and genuine desire to do things the right way without cutting comers. Since we got up and running in late February / early March we've gotten around forty prospects, of which four have had true potential generating interviews. The beauty thus far is that I haven't had to waste time with the other thirty-six! I believe that we are the only company on Boston's South Shore using the AlignMark system. (I look forward to building upon what we are already doing and more fully utilizing the support and resources that AlignMark offers. I would heartily recommend AlignMark, AccuRecruiter, and the Real Estate Simulator to any real estate company! (Except those on Boston's South Shore!) Rick Coughlin, President, Coughlin & Company

I’ve been excited about how things have been going with AccuRecruiter and the Real Estate Simulator assessment. The combination is powerful! I’ve received about 45 leads in the first couple of weeks. They are from a combination of job boards, my website and my email signature. I've hired four agents. Two of them are a direct result of AccuRecruiter. I have referred nine or 10 agents to other EXIT offices and have several more of the 45 still in varying stages of interest! The assessment tool is fantastic to give the prospects some "hoops" to jump through and also provides a great conversation starter. Thanks for a couple of great tools! It looks like it will be a BARGAIN if things continue as I expect they will. Take care, Bill Foss, Broker, Manager, EXIT Realty Partners

AccuRecruiter has doubled our number of incoming prospects within a month. We hosted a Career Seminar and had three times more attendees then we have had in the last five Career Seminars. We are also seeing more quality candidates. The automatic follow up emails has helped our prospects become more familiar with the strengths of our company and feel this has been a contributing factor to the success of our Career Seminar. The support from AccuRecruiter has saved me a great deal of time with helping me learn and work the system quickly and implementing it into my current recruiting tools and systems. I couldn’t be happier with the product and support that I have received and feel AccuRecruiter has helped me build a great recruiting program. Amy Rohe, Career Development/Affiliate Manager, Prudential First Realty


AlignMark offers integrated solutions that produce real results for brokers, managers and recruiters looking to hire real estate agents. Our solutions target the different populations you are recruiting—experienced, inexperienced and those looking for a new career.

Since 2003, over 500,000 agents have been hired using our products. Last year alone, we sent over 15 million emails to prospects and contacts on behalf of our clients.  Millions of prospects are being managed daily by our clients using the AlignMark suite of products. 

We have solutions for the complete recruiting lifecycle. Our products are: Real Estate Simulator - the online assessment; AccuRecruiter - the newest way to recruit the next generation candidate; Mini Site - a career resource portal; and ARMS - a fully integrated contact management system.


Leading providers of online sales agent recruiting tools including: Real Estate Simulator, AccuRecruiter & ARMS. We've been in business over 30 years and can help you with your recruiting efforts.