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Hello my name is Alex Almeda, I would like to share my past and present experiances with you.

After graduating from High School in 1988 I began working in the credit collection business. I was a very good at my job as a collector. I listened to individuals and there hardships from all ages and all around the United States. From those who didnt care and also from those whom just had an unforscene event happen in there lives. After many years of helping people resolve there finances and assisting them to rebuild there credit, by helping guide them to mortgage professionals whom explained to them how to harnest the equity in there home to pay off all of there outstanding debts. If there was not enough equity in there home we would negotiate a settlements to make it all fit into one loan. The consumer was able to stop the herrasing collection calls, Have one payment instead of many payments with diferent interest rates on each of them. Simply by using there home equity they were also able to qualify for a tax write off on the interest on there home.

In late 2003 I left the collection industry and began working with Ameriquest Mortgage. This was one of the larges mortgage companies in the nation and the training was the best. Many real estate agents and mortgage lenders all got there start with this company. I did very well in this industry but of course the economy changed with the mortgage crisis that was quickly growing in around 2006. I am still in the buisness after all this time and still in the business of helping others. I am now an affiliate with Home Rescue Programs. We do Loan Modifications and have a 90% success rate with a money back guarantee. We have 24/7 online tracking system to monitor your progress and we do it all under 90 days in most cases. We also help Realtors with our short sale acceleration program. HRP will do all the negotiating with the lenders so the real estate professional can work on obtaining more listings instead of being behind the phone all day trying to negotiate one deal. Once we have the approval for the short sale we notify the Agent so they can move fwd on selling or helping purchase the property for there clients. We also have credit repair services. Please take the time to visit my website.


My areas of expertise are mostly in the Mortgage Financing, I have real estate agents available for those who need help in this area. I am an affiliate with Home Rescue Programs and so I am working under a real estate license through the company. Real estate broker, Calif. Dept. of Real Estate #01857863

We have an "A" rating with the BBB, We are recognized by the Home loan modification association of consumers and The loss mitigation association.


Home Rescue Programs is a full service debt solution company specializing in the following: Loan Modification Interest Rate / Payment Rate Reduction Principal Reduction Deed in Lieu of Forecl