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It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas… Indeed, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… everywhere I go. In fact, the stores have been looking that way probably since Halloween, if not before, in an early push for Christmas sales. Now it’s all at a fever-pitch, but oh so jolly.   Fifth ...
Inside the Trump Tower  or "White House North" Photo Essay TwoA brief history of the Trump Tower building was covered in another post, Trump Tower or White House North, Photo Essay One. Below is small glimpse inside the the Tower along with some photo's of the public areas.  At the Trump Tower in...
Trump Tower or “White House North”Photo Essay One Trump Tower is now where the  president-elect action is happening and to such an extent that it is sometimes referred to as "White House North" in anticipation of what it might become post inauguration. The lobby of the building as well as several...
I SAID A LITTLE PRAYER BEFORE GETTING ON THE PLANE  Not praying for a safe landing, pish posh - that’s understood, meaning we either have one or not. I was rather praying for an individual entertainment system. I knew the aircraft I was flying was a 737, but the vintage was unknown to me. The new...
PLAY TENNIS TO LIVE LONGER! I didn't just make that up because I love to play tennis; actually heard it on the news this morning. Are you ready for tennis?  I am! Here are a couple of [pretty obvious] selfies to prove it. Olga at Miami condo - The Charter Club on the Bay - there are two tennis co...
VIRTUAL REALITYat theCharter Club on the BayEdgewater, Miami  What do we really see here? A view of Miami Beach over Biscayne Bay? Julia Tuttle Causeway leading from the Design District area in Miami to Miami Beach? A reflection of the Charter Club pool area and clubhouse (the pilings are from a ...
La Leyenda de Fidel - Seeing Fidel Castro in Person Perdone, no hablo mucho espanol (pero quiero!), entonces continuo en ingles. I believe it was late spring of 1977 when I met Fidel Castro in Havana,Cuba. It was on a rare occasion of an international exploratory business meeting, to which select...
I LOVE MY SMART DRIVING MACHINE AND I’M GRATEFUL FOR IT!  My car is much smarter than I am and it’s a good thing. For example, my keyless entry Bimmer will not allow me to lock the keys inside the car when I leave. I tried… albeit not on purpose, and the car would not lock.  The car informs me w...
I AM THANKFUL FOR MY TSA PRE-CHECK STATUS WHEN I FLY Next time you hear complaints about the long lines at the airports and finger-pointing as to whose fault it might be, suggest a mirror… Often the culprits are the very people who so desperately try to get through security in a hurry. Why? There...
I AM GRATEFUL FOR MY LITTLE RODENT…  My rodent of choice happens to be a mouse, in this case a little Apple smart Bluetooth mouse (where did that name come from, anyway?).  While desktop computers are routinely used with a mouse, laptops generally rely on trackpads. Apple trackpads are actually p...

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