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 Real Estate investment opportunities may be on the rise, perhaps not immediately, but in the next two years or so. Why?  There are tell-tale signs to the effect that the foreclosure outlook is “positive”, albeit sadly that is not a good forecast for those who might be affected. Regrettably, the ...
DEED  RESTRICTIONS - WHAT ARE THEY AND WHY ARE THEY IMPORTANT? What are Real Estate Deed Restrictions and how can you find out about them? Real estate deed restrictions are typically written right into a property's deed. Sometimes they are also called Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&R’...
SHERMAN, CT REAL ESTATE - 2016 YEAR-END SUMMARY WHAT SOLD State of the real estate market in Sherman, CT is presented by Olga Simoncelli, Broker/Owner Veritas Prime Real Estate. In Sherman, CT 56 single family homes changed hands in 2016.  The lowest-priced property, a 2-Bedroom, 1 Bath high ranc...
WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR CHRISTMAS TREES AT THE CHARTER CLUB in MIAMI?  The best way would be to plant the Christmas Tree in your backyard, that is if you purchased one in a pot. But if not and you don’t have a back yard, don’t panic and don't toss the tree over your balcony or leave it in the trash ...
SOMETIMES PLANTS ARE THE BEST DECORATIONS, indoor and out!  Getting your home ready for sale? Don’t feel you need to invest in a professional stager or to spend the money? Or your home is already perfect and you just want to make sure you put the best “face” on it?  When in doubt, or just because...
Each Day Is a Do-OverEvery Day Is a Gift  Well, for some things anyway. We can’t turn back time or undo what’s done, but we can start over with many things.  As the sun rises every morning, a new day starts when we can change what we might not have liked that we did the day before, or what we’ve ...
NEW WAY TO STAY CONNECTED? This post is in response to a contest announced by Active Rain member Larry Johnson, titled “Keeping in Touch”, Searching for New Ways to Stay Connected. The business angle was to share ways that various professionals devised over the years to stay in touch with their p...
TAKE CONTROL: EAT BETTER AND LIVE LONGER! By taking control I don’t mean stage a palace coup of some sort, or try to take over your boss’s job. Let’s stay within the realm of where we actually have ultimate control: how you treat your own body.  There are so many things in life over which we have...
DOES WATER TASTE BETTER FROM A CRYSTAL GLASS?  I’ve heard it said that water tastes better from a nice glass, especially a crystal one. Same with wine - the finer the glass, the better the taste experience. Or so they say. Is that in our imaginations, or is it something we want to believe? Along ...
TO STAY WARM, DRESS LIKE A TEN-YEAR-OLD  Ten-year-old Little Olga, that is, when she lived in Western Siberia…A few days ago, I almost felt like cancelling a trip to my beloved New York City just because it was 18 degrees outside and windy. A friend and I were to take in some exhibits at the Muse...

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