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GET FLUENT. GET AFFLUENT! (TM) Luxury real estate marketing is a high stakes game. We invite you to join our forum where we will discuss leading-edge luxury real estate marketing strategies that can give you a competitive edge and help you gain access to the wealth of the world.
This was a new species of bromeliads that we spotted recently at Island View Nursery, in Carpinteria.  This lovely specimen with curly leaves comes from the Atlantic Forest" ecoregion of Southeastern Brazil.  It is also known as Grecian Urn. These grow on trees in the forest.  They do have a bloo...
We never cease to be amazed by the varieties of bromeliads.  While visiting Island View Nursery, we spotted pink Quill bromeliad (pictured above). The quills have a surprise of another bloom that it pushes forward.Pictured above is a close up of one in bloom.  Nature continues to amaze us on a da...
Pictured above is one our discoveries on the Northern California cheese route... Two years ago in October, we flew to San Francisco, to meet up with friends.  We stayed in Glenn Ellen, and one of our adventures was to explore the Cheese Road...The following excerpt is from the Matos  website. The...
This morning in the midst of running errands, we stopped at one our favorite nurseries.   We needed to refresh our front door plants.  As Ron was paying, I spotted this new hybrid petunia named "Amore" aka Queen of Hearts. Research revealed that there is an "Amore" aka King of Hearts.  Our nurser...
Yesterday around lunchtime, one of our neighbors knocked on our door with a gift of these Japanese cucumbers (pictured above) that she lovingly grew.  These are delicious, they do not have to be peeled, and they added crunch to our salad.   We are blessed with good neighbors in our area.  We are ...
Like it or not, change is one of the constants in life.  Even a hermit will experience some form of change. Savvy marketing adapts to changes as soon as possible.  And in this day of age of electronic communication, it is easier to do that.  Your marketing has to adapt to the current situation, i...
Not long ago, a friend mentioned a situation she had become entangled in trying to be "the bigger person".  Being the "bigger person" meant that she had to acquiesce to the other person's wishes even though this would mean plenty of self sacrifice on her time for herself and with her friends and ...
Yesterday morning, as we were returning from breakfast in Santa Ynez, this was the view that appeared as we neared the city of Santa Barbara. The ocean that one would normally see was covered with a fog bank mixed with smoke.   Those dark little mountain shapes in the horizon are the peaks of San...
Figueroa Road is one of the most picturesque roads in Santa Ynez.  You can access it from Hwy 154.  It is the road best known for its California poppies and lupine displays in the Spring.   Halfway up, the road gets steep and full of curves (15 mph is a wise speed), and at one point, it becomes a...
This is an example of a coleus with a hot pink underside! When we look at this amazing manifestation of nature,  it inspires our creative genes in terms of branding and website design.  In nature the colors are clear and clean in their tones, hues and combinations. Happy Friday and we wish you a ...

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