Let’s look closer at this. Think about your relatives, friends, or colleagues, some are upbeat, some are unhappy. You have a choice, be like group one or group two. Who wants to be in a lack of contentment? When your mindset is experiencing feelings as listed in the title above, your life will be...
 And you are especially in sales, or any area of your life looking for success, positive results, going for a job interview, going on a date for the first time. You get my point… You will enjoy life more, experience success, and have an overall happier life when you have your mindset on some of t...
You may have never heard those words placed in that order. And when you really think about it that is the truth. First, hold on don’t think I have turned into Negative Ned, let’s just be realistic and take a few minutes and read here. From the beginning, giving birth may be a totally thrilling ev...
                                                 From my memory Tom Hopkins 1978This is the size you were looking for, isn’t it?  Would 3:00 PM or 4:30 PM be better?Closing escrow at the middle of the month would be better, wouldn’t it?The four-bedroom benefits you better, doesn’t it?Being away f...
That 3 or 5 number of secrets must be older than my 41 years as a proactive real estate agent. I know if it were a secret, you would need a secret clearance to view the knowledge, why? First My dachshund is wise enough to catch that phony comment. And too I had a secret clearance while serving on...
It is quite interesting as to the beliefs of some people when you recognize they seem to not have enough time, or they are somewhat unhappy, aggravated, or annoyed with life or themselves.  Maybe they have created habits that are not the best of habits. What do you think?Would creating a routine ...
George Santayana or Karl Marx said: History Repeats Itself.Interesting, how things are said, and seems no one knows who said it, or who said it first. Who tells the truth versus who is dishonest
 Don't you agree? It gives you an opportunity to have a different look at life and helps you to feel more of a happy person. That thought came to me this morning while riding my bike. I met more than twenty people, I said GOOD MORNING! To each of them, it was quite funny. I spoke loud enough to b...
Have you heard of those words before? My reason for saying them is it could help someone reading them. And I explain myself as a perfect example. Because I want to help someone out there who is reading this or someone who it is given to by someone who read it. When I received my honorable dischar...
That thought just now came into my mind. Things like that happen a couple of times a week. And when I looked it up there was more than one person who is supposed to have said it. Since the words popped into my mind, it seemed to be some words we should focus on for a short time. I don’t know abou...

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