Where should we begin? How this all started? The other day I happened to find the book where people signed at the time of my father’s death. As I began to look through the names, I recognized about 123 out of 476 names who had signed the book. People who lived in Milton West Virginia, people I we...
Maybe you have heard those words or may someone has said that to you. My thinking is when you know this, that is when you read those words, or someone tells you that, it could help you through life, make things seem a little smoother.Why? Because you can begin to recognize other people have probl...
Isn't it interesinon now the "you offended me" pops up every minute with someone somewhere? Twenty, thirty, forty years that was a word that was never used just like the F word as they call it. If it is that horrible,  and inappropriate why we call it the F word? Why not justblurt it out what it ...
Yes, Happy Mother's Day...  it is a very happy day for some mothers... Yet some mothers will be overlooked today. Even if they were not even the biological mother. Isn't it unfortunate, with all the turmoil in our country how insignificant some men and women will be today? Even if there seemed to...
 Not only a Realtor of 41 years but also a Toastmaster for 13 years
B 4 U know it we will have one half of the year has passed us by. What are you doing with your life this year? Hopefully, it is not watching the news… After all, you surely know it is hogwash and keeps you coming back to see what is next. You do know most of the news is full of advertisements, Ri...
ARE YOU DISCOURAGED?You may not be like me, but I have a bad habit of not reading as often in the bible as I should. Do you know what I mean? Pray without ceasing… You get the idea. There are so many verses that can help us to not be discouraged, to not be afraid, to have more faith, to focus on ...
Example Three: For months. I have experienced a dry mouth every night and awoke to get water beside my bed to and help remove the dryness, not only of the entire mouth but the TONGUE also. Have you ever had your tongue to be dry? It is not only discomforting it is scary.After seeing a few doctors...
Here we will share with you just a few simple examples of things in life I have experienced.The reason for this post: Yesterday I set out to find success in three different situations and was told NO three times. Today I will begin to work on them again, and I WILL FIND SUSSECCFUL RESULTS. In day...
For most of my 41 years in real estate, representing buyers and sellers it has been pointed out to me many times how I have a positive attitude. That is a stunning comment to hear often from people.Fortunately, or unfortunately, those people are not with me all the time. There are those times whe...

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