Whatever it is you have been meaning to begin or start again for days, weeks, months or even years, you could begin again today, even within the hour.That habit word is quite powerful. Take a little belief, some imagination. a pinch of inspiration, some passion, a cup of commitment, and some get ...
Can you remember when far more people went to worship God on Sunday, than do today? What Changed? Part of it was covid, however most of it was people's mindset, the way they think and act. Is it interesting how we continue to go to work, NOW or continue to go to sporting events or concerts today,...
If you are behind on your goals, never set any goals, have had covid, have the wrong belief system or negative mindset. IT IS NOT TOO LATE! When you start now! Did you notice I said When instead of IF.In my 44 years as a real estate agent representing more than 920 families in selling or buying a...
There are two different areas I think of when thinking of how things are in the USA right now, one is politics' another is real estate market.Real estate is the one of my most interesting, because I began back in Columbus, Ohio in 1978, selling 12 homes in my first six months in the business. Fun...
Now I have one friend in Kentucky, who thinks Inspire is paying me for advertising, and that is not so, it is just when I come upon something unbelievable, unusual, and different from most, I love telling others about it.If you or someone you know has sleep apnea, there is something that is newer...

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