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By Roy Kelley
(Realty Group Referrals)
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How to Paint a Cabinet   Your spring projects may include a little painting. Take time to see the video in this blog by Lisa Von Domek for some advice on how to paint a cabinet. Please go to the original blog if you wish to leave comments. How to Paint a Cabinet "Mr. Fix It," Lou Manfredini joins...

By Debb Janes EcoBroker and Bernie Stea JD, REALTORS® in Clark County, WA
(ViewHomes of Clark County - Nature As Neighbors)
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Home Improvement Projects Worth The Investment Homeowners who are thinking about remodeling should consider which home improvement projects offer the best return for the money spent. Most upgrades will typically not return 100% on the dollar spent. However, some remodels are better than others. ...

By Asad Malik, I'm an real estate agent and a house builder.
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Replacing your interior door can turn out to be an exciting and fun experiment if you carry out the whole process wisely and properly. It is important to gather every possible knowledge and information to ensure that everything falls at the right place in the end.Here are 7 tips mentioned to help...
Designing the perfect kitchen can be a challenge, especially as it has to meet the demands of the entire family. The kitchen is the heart of the home, which means it’s also a base for catching up and socialising as well as a place to feed the family.  Image source: https://www.caesarstone.co.uk/g...

By David John Medendorp, CCIM, GRI,Investments ,Waterfront homes,Muskegon M
(Medendorp Real Estate Group Muskegon )
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 In every area of the country, homes that are priced at the top 25% of the price range for that area are considered to be Premium Homes. In today’s real estate market there are deals to be had at the higher end! This is great news for homeowners who want to upgrade from their current house and mo...

By Chrissy Boltan, Service professional specializing in Real Estate
(Pro Services)
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A carpet cleaner, carpet shampooer or carpet extractor can help in extracting the stains and dirt deeply embedded in the carpets. The information provided in this article will help you learn exactly how does professional carpet cleaning work. Below is the process when it comes to having your carp...

By Joe Gonzalez, NMLS# 134407 (610) 739-6563
(GMH Mortgage Services LLC)
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Your carbon footprint is the measure of your impact on the earth’s natural resources. This number describes the amount of fossil fuel it takes to support your lifestyle. In the United States, each person produces an average of 19.78 tons of carbon dioxide every year. A high carbon footprint means...

By John Tabbart, Finding the Most Shared Content & Key Influencers
(Investment Properties)
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Many people love to have a swimming pool in their backyard, but there are also many people who wonder, “Is a pool a good investment?” Many people want to know the chances of return on investment in this case. Having a pool in your backyard definitely comes with its perks; being able to take a dip...

By Spectrum Communications, Helping Realtors with Expert Content
(Spectrum Communications)
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Spring is a time of renewal, so you may see it as a great time to revamp the look and functionality of your bathroom. It’s an understandable impulse, and a potentially fruitful one, if you commit to the proper amount of planning and preparation. Part of that planning phase includes bucking the ba...

By Spectrum Communications, Helping Realtors with Expert Content
(Spectrum Communications)
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Home modification is a simple concept: the augmenting of integral fixtures and rooms to create a more accessible space for those either aging in place or living with impaired mobility. The execution of that concept, however, is anything but, especially if you have no prior home improvement experi...

By Laurel Jonas, Move With Confidence
(Engel & Volkers)
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This may look like an expensive addition, but how much money would it save you long term if you were able to give up Starbucks? If you live off of coffee, this would be the perfect addition to your kitchen.And if you want this bad enough but don't have enough space in your kitchen, you can always...

By John Tabbart, Finding the Most Shared Content & Key Influencers
(Investment Properties)
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Sometimes when the weather changes, especially during the cold and rainy season and also during the winter time, it gets difficult to prevent mud from gaining access into the house. Regardless of how hard you try to keep dirt and mud out of your home, it will still manage to find its way to get i...

By John Tabbart, Finding the Most Shared Content & Key Influencers
(Investment Properties)
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In the unfortunate case that your home has experienced a fire, there are a number things to do to start the fire damage restoration process. Know who your fire restoration company is and the services they provide, although most companies will follow the same process give or take a step or two. Fi...

By Tiffany Hayden, We support real estate agent pros in the U.S.
(Top 10 Contractor)
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Roof damages expose your home to a wide range of structural issues, ranging from water damage to mold and wildlife infestations. Roof repairs can be expensive, leaving you with an unexpected addition to your home maintenance budget. With the average costs of roof repairs and replacements costing ...

By Maria Gonzalez, Digital Real Estate
(726 Media LLC)
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Where will your baby sleep? The first thing you must decide is where your child will sleep. The first months the normal thing is that you put the cradle in your room, in order to facilitate the nocturnal shots and to have him close when he cries. But as he grows older - and even more so when the ...

By John M. Acaron, CMI, MRSA, Master Home Inspector & Master Mold Assessor
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Do you need a Mold Inspection and Mold Testing in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Callaway, Lynnhaven, Florida?TO SCHEDULE A MOLD INSPECTION & TESTING VISIT US AT: http://www.HOMEINSPECTORUSA.bizFor more information relative to Home Inspections, Mold Testing and Mold Inspections in Panama City, C...

By Greg Wayman, ASHI Certified Inspector - 402-330-1701
(Foundation-2-Rooftop, Inc.)
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This article is to help any flood victim or volunteers take the necessary safety precautions during the cleanup phase.  It also covers some key tips to help a homeowner assess their damage and what recovery steps to take. Safety Precautions:1.  When officials have closed a road, it's for the publ...

By Beth Atalay, Cam Realty of Clermont FL
(Cam Realty and Property Management)
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Whether you are a homeowner thinking about selling, in the process of selling your house or just getting ready for the summer, a deep cleaning is always a great idea, in fact, it should be done often. Trust me, it's well worth the time and effort. If you don't want to tackle this alone, there are...

By Liz Miller, Just Call Liz
(Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage)
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Does your bathroom need a little updating? Thinking of putting your Havasu home on the market anytime soon? The National Association of Home Builders recently released their 2109 report "What Home Buyers Really Want". In it, they disclosed some of the features today's buyers consider most importa...

By Kim Anderson, We'll buy your house fast & give you cash for it.
(Kims Properties)
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An exciting and fun investment, pool tables provide countless games and last a long time when taken care of. However, many owners wonder exactly how to maintain a pool table properly. Thankfully, with proper prevention, coverage, cleaning and overall good maintenance this is somewhat easy to achi...