Gullwing Beach Resort Condo (Fort Myers Beach, FL)
By Bill Gillhespy, Fort Myers Beach Realtor, Fort Myers Beach Agent - Homes & Condos
(16 Sunview Blvd)
The Fort Myers Beach 25th Annual American Sand Sculpting Championship takes place Nov 3 - 6, 2011.  If you are looking for a totally unique experience for the family you owe it to yourself to attend our annual sand sculpting contest !  Competitors from all over the world gather here to show their amazing carving skills.  Each entrant is provided a mound of our beach sand and must complete their sculpting by the Sunday judging.  The event takes place in front of the Gullwing Resort (  6620 Estero Blvd ) here on Fort Myers Beach.  The event draws approx 50,000 visitors and you should plan to park in the area and catch the beach trolly to0 the site.  The competitors must follow a strict schedule and no help is allowed.  The forms are filled with 3-4 inches of sand, soaked and then packed u...
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By LLoyd Nichols, Southwest Florida Homes By The Sea
(Premier Florida Realty of SWFL)
The notes and MLS Statistics show that owners of Gullwing Beach Resort Condo show that owners are not willing to "adjust " to the present trend and lower their asking price by much. Perhaps the fact that it is a prime location smack on the beach has to do with that "stubbornness", but also that owners do get some revenues and are willing to wait until they do get their price is the other driving force. After all Fort Myers Beach, FL,seems to have gone through a small surge of sales and did close 110 residential homes and condos in the last 90 days which is quite encouraging for these owners, granted some 20 or so of these units were pre-constructions mid $200K and lower which is considered very affordable and granted owners did lower their asking price substantially in the last 6 months...
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By LLoyd Nichols, Southwest Florida Homes By The Sea
(Premier Florida Realty of SWFL)
       When I drive by the  Gullwing Beach Resort Condoon Estero Blvd, I am always drawn by the modern and majestic modern architecture.Long Time residents of Fort Myers Beach have a love hate relation with condos in general.My Wife and I are not different. Luckily Gullwing has style. After having seen the grounds and the inside of the units many times I am convinced that Gullwind has a standard that stands. Virtual tour: of the unit listed at $739K, 2/2, 1450 under air.Lanai is around 1600 square feet.  out.Their personal web site with great virtual tours: Build in 2000 Gulllwing Beach Resort Condo has 66 units with 12 floors,Because the island of Fort Myers Beachis narrow, the views vary from the bay to the Gu...
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