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Sean Purcell
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Get to Know Sean Purcell

I am a co-founder of The Real Estate Training Team and founder of CQ Financial Group.  Within The Real Estate Training Team I am part of a small group of coaches and trainers that give Realtors the tools, systems and motivation they need to find tremendous success and greater fulfillment in their career.  CQ Financial Group is a leader in Transparent Lending and educates clients on their real estate based financial planning.

I graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Psychology.  Before becoming a full time real estate coach and investor, I made my living as a stock broker and options trader.  After founding CQ Financial Group I became a Liability Coach.  I would teach, coach and cajole my clients into viewing their debt acquisitions as an important part of their long term financial health. I have always been a proponent of educating my clients on the entire loan process and I beat the drum for complete tranparency in loan origination.  As I progressed though, I found my love of coaching and inspiring far outweighed my love of originating loans.  I began to spend a lot of very enjoyable hours working with a team of Real Estate agents on building their business and moving through some of the cycles they had never seen, with an eye toward growing their market share and increasing their income. My passion in life emerged: coaching and motivating individuals to achieve their goals.

I spend my free time training for Ironman triathlons and listening to the laughter of those who see me doing it.  You can read my mind at


I coach Realtors to find more success in their business and more balance in their lives.